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  1. Dear TPD, I live in NYS. Have all my life. The rules and regulations regarding owning a handgun, or ANY gun are so expensive and stringent that I do not own one :/ Any advice for people like me? Where do I protest, how do I get the laws in NY [the Nanny State, such a horrible drop from the greatest State in the Nation :/ ] changed ? I am not willing to break the law, but I AM willing to skirt it. Thank you so much for your ideas on this topic, no one else covers it.

  2. You forgot recoil:
    AR-15/M16== Very minimal
    AK-47====== Significant
    Advantage== AR-15/M16 Advantage, Favors smaller people, can be fired all night long. Better for lighter frame humans, as with woman and children, and elderly people.
    **also beware. Left Hand Shooters should use Colt AR-15/M16’s for right handed and left handed shooters.
    ***Harrington Richardson AR-15/M16 left handed shooters should use Colt AR-15/M16 or other models. H&R tends to eject shell casings up and into the helmet or other headgear upon firing. Otherwise, H&R ok. Jbarry.

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