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Survival/Prepping Books:

THE LOST WAYS-Learn the long forgotten secrets that helped our forefathers survive famines,wars,economic crisis and anything else life threw at them

CONQUERING THE COMING COLLAPSE-Financial advice and preparedness

BLACKOUT USA-EMP survival and preparedness guide

MEGA DROUGHT USA-Discover The Amazing Device That Turns Air Into Water

LIBERTY GENERATOR-Easy DIY to build your own off-grid free energy device

BACKYARD LIBERTY-Easy and cheap DIY Aquaponic system to grow your organic and living food bank

BULLET PROOF HOME-A Prepper’s Guide in Safeguarding a Home

SOLD OUT AFTER CRISIS-Best 37 Items To Hoard For A Long Term Crisis

SURVIVAL MD-Learn how to survive without medication in any crisis

ALIVE AFTER THE FALL-Advice on handling crisis situations

PATRIOT SELF DEFENSE-Wonderful program for those who would like to

protect themselves learning the techniques of self-defense

STOCKPILE CHALLENGE-The secret to a 1-year food stockpile

FOOD FOR FREEDOM-Is a step-by-step guide that delves into the process of building an Aquaponic garden at home, which can allow your family to thrive in times of need with fresh food

DIY HOME ENERGY-Follow the step-by-step guide from A to Z and you will have a working system to reduce your electricity bills and save energy

3 thoughts on “TPD Contact

  1. Dear TPD, I live in NYS. Have all my life. The rules and regulations regarding owning a handgun, or ANY gun are so expensive and stringent that I do not own one :/ Any advice for people like me? Where do I protest, how do I get the laws in NY [the Nanny State, such a horrible drop from the greatest State in the Nation :/ ] changed ? I am not willing to break the law, but I AM willing to skirt it. Thank you so much for your ideas on this topic, no one else covers it.

  2. You forgot recoil:
    AR-15/M16== Very minimal
    AK-47====== Significant
    Advantage== AR-15/M16 Advantage, Favors smaller people, can be fired all night long. Better for lighter frame humans, as with woman and children, and elderly people.
    **also beware. Left Hand Shooters should use Colt AR-15/M16’s for right handed and left handed shooters.
    ***Harrington Richardson AR-15/M16 left handed shooters should use Colt AR-15/M16 or other models. H&R tends to eject shell casings up and into the helmet or other headgear upon firing. Otherwise, H&R ok. Jbarry.

  3. Hi there,

    I was doing some research and ended up on one of your articles about how a smaller home is better, it was quite helpful, thanks!

    I actually just finished up a visual compilation of data I compiled that reveals some interesting facts about the hidden costs of a bigger home; based on the math, it’s a LOT more than I expected! Given your coverage of the topic, I figured you might be interested in seeing it. 🙂

    Just hit reply if you want to take a look, happy to send it over. In any case, keep up the great work!


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