4 Types of Base Camps and When to Use Them

Choosing the type of base camp you need is dependent on your gear and the current situation. Here are four types of survival base camps I have open to myself that range from overnight emergency cache to permanent defensible shelter.

Article by Survival Cache contributing author Chuck


1. Nomad

This style base camp is better for groups who pick a remote spot, set up tents/shelters and have a small community. Some even go as far as one big tent for a meeting place and the families then have smaller ones for their homes.


The Nomad camp can be erected in little time from start to finish; it takes about two hours to set up and break down.  We found a great product – Family Survival Shelters that are perfect for large groups.

  • Advantages: Speed, Community

  • Disadvantages: Difficult to defend, Not permanent

2. Bunker

The bunker is harder because you must to have land to make it a permanent shelter that is hidden from everyone but you and your group. It is difficult to build this style of shelter without everyone knowing unless you have land that is far off the beaten path. It can also cost a lot to make and keep up with.


Some people choose this style because it is much easier to hide. The bunker is also the most defensible type of base camp with limited entrances and advantageous positions.

  • Advantages: Fortified, very Defensible, Can be Hidden

  • Disadvantages: Difficult to Build, Can be Expensive, Usually need your own land

3. Permanent


This style base camp is great, once again, if you have land off the beaten path and just want to get out before the SHTF. The permanent base camp may be just like a home with walls and a roof. It’s a lot like a cabin many outdoorsmen have for their hunting trips. Ideally it is not hard to get to, but not right out in the open for the whole world to see either. Overall, it is easier to build, but harder to hide than the bunker.

  • Advantages: Good protection from the elements, fairly defensible

  • Disadvantages: Expensive, not easily hidden, need your own land

4. Emergency


This one is usually found near a survival cache. It’s a spot where all the basics are covered like shelter, weapons, 3 days worth of food, and water gathering materials. You make this camp in preparation of moving to a better more permanent location soon.  They are great for those of us that like being able to Bug Out quickly without a second thought.

  • Advantages: Very quick to set up, easily hidden, cheap,

  • Disadvantages: temporary, not easily defended, limited supplies


More Types?

I am sure there are other types that I am missing but these are the first few that come to mind when thinking about TEOTWAWKI.  If you have any other kinds of survival camps let us know.  I am always open to suggestions.

source: survivalcahe

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