5 Everyday items you can use to protect yourself in a dangerous situation

There is no denying that the world around us is becoming more dangerous with each passing day. This has prompted many to arm themselves or to take self-defense classes. However, there are many more who are either opposed to the idea of carrying a weapon or who haven’t taken the time to learn to defend themselves when necessary. And, of course, even the person who has diligently prepared can be caught off guard when they are unarmed and vulnerable. Fortunately, there are several everyday items that can serve as very effective weapons in a pinch.

Jeremiah Johnson of Ready Nutrition recommends several everyday items that can double as defensive weapons, including:

  • A baseball bat: It is a good idea to keep a baseball bat near your front door or where it can easily be reached in your vehicle. Johnson recommends a T-bat made of aluminum, but notes that practice will be needed so that you can wield it effectively if you’re attacked.
  • An umbrella: I thought this was a particularly good suggestion because it’s easy enough to have several umbrellas around the house and vehicle in easy-to-reach places. Some umbrellas are really flimsy, though, and would be too useless to do much good as defensive weapons, so it’s important to buy good quality, sturdy ones. Again, some practice might be needed to be ready for an attack, and should be focused on aiming the point of the umbrella at vulnerable places like the stomach, eyes, ears, nose and ribs. Johnson suggests practicing in front of a mirror to focus on the right areas, and to incorporate practice with a heavy bag to simulate a human being.

Dale Goodwin of Survivalist Prepper makes some other excellent and practical suggestions in this regard, including:

  • The pen is mightier than the sword: A pen, or any pointed, elongated item, can be used very successfully to defend yourself. You will need to either extend your index finger over the pen or hold it between your index and middle fingers and then aim straight for the most vulnerable areas, including eyes, nose, ears, ribs, collarbone and stomach. Again, this will require practice.
  • Use your keys: Keys are an especially useful weapon because we almost always have them in our hands or within easy reach. Practice holding the keys in your fist with the longest key held in your palm with your index finger over it, or gripped between your index and middle fingers. Aim for the vulnerable spots, especially the eyes, or try to scrape the key across the assailant’s cheek as quickly and as deeply as possible.
  • Step on it: High heels, while pretty, are not the most comfortable things in the world to wear. On the bright side, however, they make really good self-defense weapons. If you’re attacked from behind, kick your heel at his foot or groin as hard as you can. Practice elbowing him in the stomach at the same time, and keep elbowing and kicking until he releases you.

Another practical tip is to always talk as loudly as possible to throw the attacker off balance, and not to comply with an attacker’s demand that you keep quiet and meekly go elsewhere with him. This type of meek compliance makes you vulnerable and has gotten many people killed. [RELATED: Self-defense is now illegal in the U.K.]

The two articles mentioned above have other excellent and practical suggestions and are well worth a read.

Remember, the aim of articles like this one is not to promote violence. First prize is always to withdraw from or diffuse a dangerous situation whenever possible. It is simply important to be prepared and to practice a skill set that could truly save your life one day.

by Tracey Watson

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