Astronomer Paul Cox Exposes Nibiru “Cover-UP”

A renowned astronomer shockingly suggested that NASA, in collusion with world governments, has concealed the existence of the Nibiru system for almost forty years. He revealed this earth-shattering information during a live broadcast. Conspiracy theory websites and Nibiru believers erupted with glee following Cox’s remarks, which demonstrably prove that the brown dwarf star and its orbiting planets are rapidly approaching our inner solar system.

Nibiru, or the Nibiru System, is a miniature solar system that one day will pass so close to earth that its gravitational pull will wreck havoc on our planet. Mr. Cox joins recent whistle-blowers Paul-Cox-676909-300x178Eugene Ricks and Dr. Ronald Shimschuck in stepping forward despite threats to his personal safety. Although Cox’s conclusions differ from other Nibiru researchers, the gist of the content remains the same: earth is in peril.

Speaking about the view from the telescope, which showed the Sun and Mercury to the left, and part of another large glowing shape to the right, which some viewers thought was just the sun being reflected, he said: “You can see there, the sun is on the left.

“You can see the small black dot…that is Mercury.

“Now you may be asking yourself what is that large round thing to the right of our sun.

“That’s our second sun. I don’t know if you knew that we had a second sun but there it is.”

“Do you think it is the mysterious planet Nibiru, maybe appearing in these live shots.Paul-Cox2-557409-1-300x178

“We don’t cover up stuff like NASA does.,” Cox said gravely.

Cox’s words have echoed across the internet; so-called conspiracy theorists, also known as the “lunatic fringe,” latched on to Cox’s words and began spreading the message across bulletin boards and discussion groups across the information super highway.

Our source in Lisbon attempted to contact Cox for a comment, but he was unavailable.

Former NASA scientist and Nibiru researcher Dr. Eugene Ricks applauded Cox’s disclosure, but also feared for his safety. Dr. Eugene Ricks spent several years in seclusion after trying to blow the whistle on Nibiru in 2011-2012.


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