Christmas Buying Guide – Give the Gift of Prepping


It is finally December and for me and all of the other procrastinators out there, it’s time to consider Christmas gifts for those around you. Fortunately for me, my wife handles the lion’s share of gift selection and acquisition for our family and children. I get off relatively easy in that respect so long as I take care of paying the bills and her gifts of course, which I would rather do any day than shopping.


Speaking of shopping, I am not a person who doesn’t like to be around other people, but I would just about rather take a kick in the head than go anywhere near a mall in December. For me, shopping online is much preferable to dealing with some of the madness this time of year so with that in mind, I decided this year again to put together a list of prepper gift ideas you can purchase for that special prepper in your life.

One of our readers frequently talks about the gift of prepping. They give their friends and family gifts that can also help them survive as a way of both passing out survival gear, but hopefully engendering an interest in the subject of preparedness as well. If you have that type of person on your Christmas list, this buying guide was designed for you. I broke the list down below into three sections depending on the type of prepper you are shopping for, but there should be something here for everyone.

Prepper Gift Ideas


Morakniv Hatchet $52 Do you have a hatchet? Have you ever considered how this survival tool, long used throughout history could benefit you? I used to primarily look at knives as the go to survival blade but when it comes to heavier tasks in the outdoors (like in a bug out scenario) a hatchet’s worth is immediately recognizable.


Morakniv, the makers of the famous survival knife have their own version of the hatchet. The Morakniv Boron steel camping axe is lightweight, ships sharp as any knife and comes with its own protective sheath. The Mora hatchet is perfect for your bug out bag or next camping expedition and it will easily chop decent sized logs for fires or for making shelter. Yes, you can do that with a good survival knife and batoning also, but the hatchet is a much better tool for the purpose.


3V Gear – Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack $79.99 – Many preppers start with a bug out bag for several reasons and one of the questions I hear frequently is “what is the best bug out bag?”. The answer to that question really depends on a lot of factors, not the least of which is what are you planning to put in that bug out bag. Assuming your prepper doesn’t have anything yet, the Paratus 3 Day Operators pack is worth considering.

I was given one of these packs to review and I will be doing that in an upcoming post, but so far this bag, when you look at the features and cost, is really impressive. For about what some people spend on a good survival knife alone, you can have a rugged bag to throw a lot of gear in. The Paratus 3 Day Operators pack also makes a great all around pack with a tactical look even if you don’t plan to bug out.

Range Finder – NIKON Aculon $129 – Does the prepper on your shopping list have just about every gadget you can imagine? They might not have a range finder. The Nikon Aculon range finder is a simple tool that gives you the range to a target using a laser. This can be beneficial when making long-range shots so you can adjust your elevation. When I am out hunting, there are some shots that my rifle can make, but the distance is something I would have to guess at. With a range finder, I can easily target the game and see how far the shot is. Knowing my bullet’s drop, I can adjust the reticle placement for the target in my scope to compensate and make a more accurate shot calculation. It can also be used to set range markers out when creating defensive positions in a Mad Max world if it ever comes to that.

Morakniv Survival Knife $63 – No self-respecting Prepper would be caught without a decent survival knife and Morakniv has long been touted for its line of cost-effective but well-designed knives. Morakniv’s basic model is a best seller in Amazon’s fixed blade category. The latest addition to their line continues in the Morakniv tradition with a nice thick Carbon Steel Blade and the traditional sheath, but the Survival version includes a sharpener to keep the blade’s razor edge while performing various survival tasks as well as a fire starter.


The Morakniv Survival Knife has the basics you need for defense, utility in creating shelter or cutting various items as well as starting fires –  necessary for survival in some cases, all in a nice compact package.

Binoculars – Bushnell PowerView $49 – Binoculars are one item that I think many preppers overlook that can really be force multipliers. I discussed these in my post on neighborhood security and it should go without saying that the earlier you are able to detect a threat the better off you will be. But binoculars don’t have to sit on the shelf until the zombie hordes are moving down your street, or the mutant biker gang sets their sites on your small town. Binoculars, like many other prepping items have so many uses.

Headlamp $26 – Everyone can appreciate the importance of having light when the power goes out, or when you are outdoors at night and desperately need to see. Flashlights are a great gift idea, I even mention an excellent model below, but when it comes to the best option, headlamps are at the top of my list.

A good headlamp allows you to free up your hands to take care of other tasks. It shines where your head turns automatically and it is much harder to drop. If you have to navigate a dark area and perform tasks like cooking or collecting water, a good headlamp is a great option. I have several for various uses. I keep one in my get home bag in my car and another for hunting.


Tulster Concealed Carry Holster $65 – If your prepper has a need for a concealed carry holster, there are many options and I wrote a post about many of the different ways to carry concealed. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, but for many Inside the Waistband (IWB) carry is preferred.

bph-uscrisis 1

I purchased a Tulster Concealed Carry holster IWB when I got my new Glock and have been very pleased with the comfort and design. This is the best holster I have used personally for IWB although I haven’t tried them all.

Fenix PD35TAC Flashlight $71 – If you carry a flashlight as part of your EDC, there are many models and manufacturers to choose from. For years, I have carried Fenix lights because of their durability, brightness and cost. The PD35 is amazingly bright and puts out a whopping 1000 lumens. I was lighting up treetops from a hundred feet away and entire fields were illuminated.

This flashlight is a little larger than the normal PD25 I carry on my belt, but it is still small enough to fit in a pocket. Right now, it is riding in my truck until I figure out a better place for it, but if your prepper needs a good flashlight that will send darkness packing, try out the Fenix PD35. At $71, it is less than half of some other comparable brands.

Prepper Gear Box Subscription – Who says Christmas gifts only have to be opened on Christmas Day? With the Prepper Gear Box Subscription, your favorite prepper can feel the love every month. I received a sample prepper gear box with the following items.

When you purchase a subscription a box with different items appears every month and this could be another great way to give the gift of prepping. As a bonus the owners of Prepper Gear Box were nice enough to give all Prepper Journal readers 15% off your first box by using the coupon code: PREPPERJOURNAL at checkout.

Osprey Men’s Atmos 50 AG Backpacks – $172 – I mentioned one bug out bag pack option above, but if you have more money and weight is important to you, the Osprey Atmos 50 AG could be a great mix of features and weight savings.

The pack only weighs 4 pounds and the Anti-Gravity Suspension (AG) makes the bag feel like it is floating on your shoulders. The hip belt grips your waist like a spider monkey and makes carrying heavier loads much easier. You still have to pay attention to what you are packing and careful consideration should still go into both what you bring and how much it weighs, but a lighter pack can make hauling any gear much more enjoyable.



resqhammer $15 – Survival isn’t limited to being trapped alone in the wilderness. Everyday trips to the store can turn deadly in a worst case scenario. The resqhammer is the modern emergency escape hammer from a brand you can trust. It comes with a practical mounting bracket, making it easy to install in your car with double face tape included in the box. This innovative escape tool can be attached in various locations around the vehicle to ensure it will be within reach in case of emergency.

Windows are harder to break than you might expect and the resqhammer easily shatters windows with a minimum of force. A child can use this. It also includes a seat-belt cutter if your release won’t work. You don’t have to be trapped underwater to use this tool, your car or the car of someone you love could have flipped over in an accident. If there is a fire, seconds count and the resqhammer might be the tool that could save their life.

Bonus Tip: Don’t just buy this and leave it in the glove box wrapped in plastic. Install the resqhammer in a convenient location. I have a relative who is a mechanic who shared with me that he frequently sees these in the box in the glove compartments.

UCOTitanMatchUCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit – $9 – Having a fire starter like the Swedish Firesteel is an excellent emergency backup fire creation device, but it does require a little practice and the right blend of tinder and conditions to work. For a less persnickety option, regular matches or a Bic lighter are often much easier. The flare gun of matches would have to be the UCO Titan Stormproof matches.

These survival matches burn very hot and even burn if you dunk them in water! The container comes with a small amount of tinder, about 12 matches and a backup striker. All sealed in waterproof goodness that can help easily light a fire when your life depends on it.

Esbit CS585HA 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook Set – $22 – So you have your bug out bag laid out with food, water and shelter, but how are you going to heat up the water for those awesome freeze-dried meals? You could pack your own alcohol stove you made with two soda cans or get the Esbit Camping set. The Esbit stove uses solid fuel cubes that won’t spill or leak in your bag. One cube in the stove will heat 1 pint of water in about 8 minutes.


True Utility FireStash Keyring Lighter – $10 – When I opened my Prepper Gear Box sample, the item that I was genuinely most excited about was the key-ring lighter. I know, it seems simple, but this is an amazing piece of gear. Its small size can fit on my key-chain easily and would likely go with me everywhere as opposed to only when I am packing my bags. I don’t always have a lighter on me since I no longer smoke, but the Keyring lighter is right there when I need it.

Titan Survival Cord – $25 for 100 feet – I told readers about this new take on the venerable TitanSurvivalCordparacord in our email newsletter a few weeks back, but I am impressed with the Titan Survival Cord’s creative take on a prepper staple. In addition to the regular Mil-spec 550 Paracord that has 7 interior strands that can be used for everything from gear repairs to survival snares, Titan Survival Cord also has mono-filament fishing line to go along with your survival fishing kit, Waxed Jute for starting fires and copper wire for strong snares.

Titan Survival Cord is far superior to regular paracord and could make a nice prepper gift idea for that special person on your list.


100 Deadly Skills – $12 – I reviewed 100 Deadly Skills last month but I think this book is a great read for that prepper who might be interested in more of the secret agent/ operative side of life. Even if he isn’t a Navy Seal, 100 Deadly skills lays out so many helpful tips that regular people can employ that can save your life.


Land of Promise – $12 – The long-awaited new series from James Wesley Rawles is available today! Patriots was the first prepper fiction book I read and I learned so much from the story and was able to think creatively about my own prepping needs from the scenarios outlined in the pages. He followed that novel up with 4 others (Founders, Survivors, Expatriates and Liberators) that covered the same story from the standpoint of different people.


Land of Promise is an entirely new story that posits the establishment of a Christian nation of refuge, in response to the establishment of a global Islamic Caliphate in the near future. I am reading it now and will post a full review in the future, but if you liked the other JWR novels, this latest one could make a great gift.

One Year After –  $10 – The sequel to the best seller, One Second After, which told the story of a small town in Western North Carolina after EMP devastates the nation. One Year After continues with the same cast of characters who have largely survived after the raid from the Posse only to face new threats, this time from the provisional government. I recently finished this one and hope to be able to review it for you soon.


Surviving an Urban Disaster – $15 – For the person who wants just the basics without a lot of fluff, Surviving an Urban Disaster is a great resource that will help you get prepared with the most important things. We reviewed this book from Richard Duarte earlier in the year, but it is a great book it you want to have survival tips in quick, easily digestible groups.

So there are a few prepper gift ideas for you that hopefully make your Christmas shopping a little easier. Good luck!
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