COVER-UP EXPOSED! NASA Alters Pre-Earthquake Gaseous Emission Levels in Satellite Data; inserts phony “recording” of Safe Levels for Dates IN ADVANCE!

When a NASA Satellite detected massive, possible pre-earthquake Carbon Monoxide (CO) bursts along the west coast,  they went into “cover-up mode” — got caught!

It began on February 27, when a man named Mike Morales, a Youtube User who is interested in GEOS-5 Satellite Models of earth conditions, saw a massive plume of Carbon Monoxide gas spewing out of the earth all along seismic fault lines on the west coast of North America.  Within a three hour time frame, so much Carbon Monoxide spewed into the atmosphere, that typical ground levels of 150 parts-per-billion-by-volume (ppbv) skyrocketed to more than forty thousand (40,000) ppbv!  covering almost the entire state of California. Mr. Morales put together a video about this and uploaded it to Youtube.[1]

To our knowledge, Mr. Morales was the first person to broadcast information about this. SuperStation95 was sent a link to that video and it caught our attention.  Clearly, this was news, so we assigned our Newsroom staff to find out what was taking place.

The animated GIF below shows what Mr. Morales saw from the NASA Satellite and included in his video.  The GIF below includes the satellite data imagery reported several days before, during and after the initial CO burst:

We consulted a wide array of scientific sources to find out what this burst of CO gas meant, including the Journal “Applied Geochemistry.” It was there that we found a peer-reviewed, scientific article written by Professor Ramesh Singh, back in the year 2010.   [2]

In the scientific paper, Professor Singh determined that just prior to a massive earthquake in Gujarat, India (in 2001), an “anomaly” took place; large amounts of Carbon Monoxide gas burst-forth from the ground around Gujarat, India.  Two or three days later after that burst of CO gas from the ground, without warning, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake took place, killing twenty-thousand (20,000) people!

The conclusion of Professor Singh’s research paper is that there is a connection – sometimes, but not always . . . in some places, but not all — between a sudden burst of gases from the ground, and a pending earthquake.

Those conclusions were a bit “iffy” for us, so we dug further and we hit a “motherload” of information.  It came from a story published in January, 2015, in “Alaska Public Media” which quoted Ron Fortunato, the President of Trillium Learning, which works under contract with NASA. [3]

In a talk with students at Ketchikan High School in Kayhi, Alaska where an advanced earthquake monitoring system (one of only three in the whole world) had been installed on the school’s roof,  Mr. Fortunato explained what those metal boxes on the roof were doing. The boxes are a Global Earthquake Forecasting Station.   “This is the magnetometer. You see how it’s pointing towards the North and what that does is pick up electrical signals from tectonic plates. When they crush against each other they release electrons and it forms current. That current comes up through the water. It can be measured 100s of kilometers away, even.” Other boxes he said are measuring gasses, “Sulfur-dioxide, carbon-monoxide, nitrogen-dioxide, ozone, all those things are pre-earthquake gasses, which increase when electricity comes up through the ground.”

Bingo!  We had a scientific connection from two reputable sources, one from 2010 and another from 2015, both indicating that a large release of CO gas is a pre-earthquake signal.  We wrote a story about it.



SuperStation95 is pretty-much “the new kid on the block” in terms of media.  Our news staff is made up of experienced media professionals, some of whom are presently working for other media outlets, but who became frustrated over the years with their “corporate media” bosses and the way they promote some stories and squash others.

These are seasoned news people who want to do their job: Get information to the public, in an unbiased way, so the public can decide for itself what – if anything – to do.  Yet in many cases, the corporate bosses put a halt to stories, or insist the stories be “spun” for someone’s agenda.  These professionals do not like that, and when SuperStation95 began recruiting, many of them were delighted to be able to have an outlet for news that isn’t stifled by corporate interests or political correctness.

We’re only five months old!  But in those short five months, we’ve risen from a brand new, never-heard-of, news site, with accompanying radio broadcasts on WBCQ / 95.1  FM in New York City, to a trusted and widely read news source.  Not to stray too far from this story, but we want you to know how impressed people have become with us, that they keep coming back.  Below are stats from Google Analytics for this site:

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People come here and, more importantly, keep coming back, because we have earned their trust.  Millions of people now trust SuperStation95 for their news and we hope this helps prove, you can too.



When we published this story about a possible, pending earthquake on the west coast, it grabbed the attention of NASA and the corporate mass-media.  And what did they try to do?  Squash it!

From KIRO’s “” to KATU-TV in Washington and Oregon, then into California’s FOX 11 News and CBS-Los Angeles, all the way down to the dopes at, we were hit with criticism and derision.  The louder it became, the more firmly we held our ground. We had the facts and we were right to report them.

But this story poses problems for the powers-that-be:  If people start making emergency preparations to protect themselves, anyone with an agenda of population control won’t get rid of excess people through a disaster; and it is terrifying to us how many in the scientific and environmental communities actually advocate decreasing population – even if it means people dying!

480x371xSurvival-MD-video1.png.pagespeed.ic_.FnR44aT2P7.jpgMoreover, if folks were to evacuate for a week or two, commerce would grind to a halt.  And commerce, dear reader, is what allows government to survive. Commerce = money.   Government needs the revenues from Income taxes and sales taxes to keep their own paychecks coming.  If folks were to leave a region for their own safety, tax revenues would drop.  With government budgets already suffering form the terrible economy, the last thing they need is folks to take some time off and go away . . . . be it for their own safety or not.

It doesn’t matter to a lot of these government types how many of us may get killed, as long as THEIR paychecks keep coming.  And big business, they need their workers.  No workers, no production.  No production, no money.

In short, all the folks who have something to lose by YOU protecting yourself, have a vested interest in keeping YOU ignorant of the facts.  Keeping YOU, blissfully unaware.  We do not share their view.



As this story spread, days later, on March 1, NASA issued a statement saying there was no CO burst, the satellite was wrong. [5]  They went on to say that the satellite had been shut down into “safe mode” on Feb. 18 and re-activated in “science mode” on Feb. 22.  This, they claim, meant that the longwave infra-red sensors onboard the satellite, had not “stabilized” and thus, they sent inaccurate readings.  Nothing to worry about; nothing to see here . . . keep moving! [4]

Further, Professor Ramesh Singh contacted us to say “You’ve mis-understood my paper, people are getting scared.”  So we put Professor Singh in contact with one of our talk-show hosts, Hal Turner, who invited the Professor to be on his radio show Wednesday, March 2.  The professor got in contact with Mr. Turner and they did a 40 minute interview which was broadcast on “The Hal Turner Show” that evening. [5]


Alive after fall

The Professor explicitly stated that the US Geological Survey (USGS) has a vast sensor network which monitors the San Andreas Fault and if there was anything going on, they would tell the public.  During the interview, Professor Singh also stated explicitly that he had researched “other, validated sources of data” which lead him to conclude that the Carbon Monoxide had come from the Aliso Canyon methane leak.  He went on to explain that the methane coming from Aliso Canyon’s leak, entered the water table aquifers, had a short life, and as it broke down, it turned into Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.  THAT, he said, was what the satellite must have detected.


That leak in Aliso Canyon was sealed and the Los Angeles Times reported it was sealed on February 22 — five days before the satellites picked up the CO gas burst! [6]  But wait, Professor Singh said the methane entered the water table, has a short life, then breaks down into CO and CO2.

OK.  If that’s the case, then why didn’t the satellite pick up the methane from the Aliso Canyon methane leak for the FOUR MONTHS it had been spewing?  Dr. Singh replied “I cannot comment on the NASA Satellite.”


So we called NASA.  We spoke to Steven Paulson, the Branch Director of  the Global Modeling and Assimilation Center, for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Mr. Paulson explained that the long wave infrared sensors were not stabilized and that there was no release of CO gas. He mentioned that wildfires burning in some areas, may have given off radiant energy which was mis-understood by the satellite modeling software to be CO gas.  He was very friendly and reassured us there was nothing to worry about. He said they would be re-running the data to “correct” the readings.

But wait.  Professor Singh said explicitly there WAS CO gas, but that it came from the Aliso Canyon methane leak.  Now, we had The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center telling us “there was no gas.”

This was starting to get strange.  It was about to get even more strange.

FOX-11 TV News in Los Angeles sent a reporter out to cover this story.  In his report, he made clear that when folks want information of a scientific nature, they go to the California Institute of Technology.  Caltech.  When the reporter did that, something very odd took place.  Caltech, which the reporter admitted “talks to us all the time about earthquakes and other things” DECLINED TO BE INTERVIEWED for this story.

So, the Fox 11 news reporter went to the US Geological Survey.  After all, this story dealt with a possible pending earthquake and the USGS are the people to talk to about earthquakes.  Guess what?  The USGS DECLINED TO BE INTERVIEWED for the story.



Yesterday, a reader contacted SuperStation95 and told us that NASA was changing the data for the GEOS-5 satellite.  We checked and got an error message telling us “SERVER DOWN.”

Then overnight, we got a slew of additional contacts telling us “NASA faked the data!

Here’s what we got:


Look at the dates in these live links.

Future dates have data.
March 4-7th 1100z,17.64,570/loc=-119.961,36.457,17.64,570/loc=-119.961,36.457,17.64,570/loc=-119.961,36.457,17.64,570/loc=-119.961,36.457

Now click this link.,17.64,570/loc=-119.961,36.457

Notice the difference?

Look at dates in the links themselves. These are recordings…. I don’t think it’s been a live feed for days.


So there you have it, folks.  NASA appears to have altered the GOES-5 satellite data to show “normal” levels of Carbon Monoxide, regardless of what the levels may actually be, and they got caught doing this when it became clear that data for CO gas is now available days in advance of the satellite actually obtaining any readings!

If you go to the links immediately above, for March 5, 6, 7 and God only knows how much farther into the future, you get the digital equivalent of a “recording.”  Everything is fine.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Altering government records is a federal felony.  We’re wondering how NASA intends to explain this?

Please pass this story along fast because once they know they’ve been caught, they’ll probably pull the phony data down too.

Finally, we feel compelled to tell you that SuperStation95 stands-by our original two stories, Here and Here.  We believe that the satellite worked just fine.  We believe it picked up a massive burst of Carbon Monoxide form the ground.  We believe that burst signals an approaching earthquake and we urge folks on the west coast to take safety precautions as THEY see fit.


NO ONE CAN FORECAST EARTHQUAKES and we are not doing that.

But the data seems to indicate something is very wrong our on the west coast, and when things like gas emission happened – in OTHER PLACES — in the past – deadly earthquakes followed.

by Newsroom

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