Firewood – Top 5 Heat Value


Did u ever think about the real power of firewood?

In a post emergency situation and off course during, firewood IS the most important factor in your existence. It keeps you warm, fed and let’s not forget about the mental factor being near a fire.


My goal for this article is to make a top 5 heat value firewood.

Heat value is measured per cord(128 cubic feet).

Here it is:

Nr1 –  Oak, Gamble  – 30.7  Million BTUs

Nr2 – Oak, White     – 29.1   Million BTUs

Nr3 – Locust, Black – 27.9   Million BTUs

Nr4 – Beech               – 27.5   Million BTUs

Nr5 – Pinon               – 27.1   Million BTUs

Osage-orange  – 32.9 – Million BTUs – would be number one if can procure it, so let’s stay on the real side.

Green firewood may contain 50% or more water by weight. Less heat is produces when using green wood because heat must be used to boil off water before combustion can occur.Firewood should always be purchased dry or allowed to dry before burning (under 25% wet). Dry wood cost more than green wood because it produces more heat and is easier to handle.

Being without electricity in a post emergency situation will bring you closer to your fireplace.

I hope you liked my top 5 and please feel free to comment if any of the above can be improved.

By David

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