A nation is no longer a nation if it does not have borders. Donald Trump knows this, but liberals continue to fail to grasp the concept. Nationalism is not a dirty word nor is patriotism. Trump’s border wall plan is not an act of racism or hatred—it is a first step in self-preservation and long overdue national security enhancement, as a new viral video shows.

Build That Wall is a beautiful yet simple anthem dedicated to the citizens of the United States, confirming Donald Trump’s plan to secure our porous border is not only a good idea to prevent crime but an effort necessary to preserve our republic.

“Build that wall. Make it tall. As a monument of freedom that eagles rest their feet on, from shore to shore, a refuge for us all. A wall to prove that liberty succeeded,” the song lyrics aptly note.

Hillary Clinton and her open borders pal George Soros do not want us to build a wall.


Clinton and her liberal minions not only welcome but lure in illegal immigrants with promises of “free stuff.”

“The wall represents freedom, strength, pride, security, respect, and the preservation of our American heritage,” said the artists who created the poignant Build That Wall song and video.

A breaking news announcement earlier today revealed federal agents made a huge mistake and allowed nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants from countries on the terror watch list to remain in America instead of being deported as ordered during their hearings.

There are currently millions of people in the United States who have not undergone a background check.

We have no idea who is living within our “borders” and that makes us all entirely too vulnerable.

If a woman and her young children can find a way to sneak into the United States, terrorists could and likely have done so as well.

A “no fly list” does absolutely no good if an ISIS militant simply opts to fly into some Central American country and follow the illegal immigration trail across the Rio Grande and into America.

A president’s first and most important duty is to protect the United States and American citizens—Donald Trump’s wall will help to achieve that goal!


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