Gun vs. Bow – Which One Do You Need for Survival

Sometimes you can end up in a situation that needs you to apply any survival skills that you have. Having the right tools and weapons could mean a lot when it comes to your survival. With many options available as survival weapons, for most, it would either be a bow or a gun. So, which one would be the best to use?

The debate about bow vs. gun has been around survivalist forums for years. They always want to know which weapon would help them protect themselves and their family in a critical situation. Some might prefer guns over bows and vice versa, today we get to go into detail to understand which weapon would be the best.


The bow weapons would come in different shapes and sizes just as it would be the same for the guns. You have to look at the experience you have when it comes to handling the bows. For the sake of survival, you do not want to be an amateur at using the weapon. The same goes for the choice of the bow. Multiple bow types exist today each requiring a different way of handling. No matter whether it is the best compound bow or the best recurve bow, if you are not careful, you might end up with the victim of an accident when shooting the bow as opposed to protecting yourself and family.

The Pros of Using Bow Weapons

  • One good thing about bows is that making the weapons and components, such as arrows, should be easy for many people. Even if the last deer ran off with your last arrow, you can always make new arrows from materials around you. The same could not be said for the guns whereby if you are out of ammo, there is nothing you can do.
  • With a gun, you will make noticeable noise that will make your enemy know your exact position. Having a bow is considered better in some situations due to their quiet nature. Your enemy might end up being defeated by the bow silence and being unable to track your position.
  • The slow speed of the arrow can be a blessing in disguise. If the enemy is smart enough, he can track your position by looking at where the arrow is flying in from. The slow speed should allow you to move from your current position before the arrow hits the target.

Cons of Bow Weapons

  • The first disadvantage can easily be directed towards the rate of fire for a bow. Take the crossbow as an example, it would take long to add the arrow to the bow before firing. This takes time as compared to using a gun. Newer guns will have an increased fire rate and reduced rates of misfires.
  • The amount of training needed to be able to use a bow takes time. The time might not always be on your side in a survivalist situation. Ask anyone who has trained as an archer, the answer is always that the process takes long to master it.
  • Taking bow shots needs the archer to be closer to danger as compared to when using a rifle. You can see that your stealth skills have to be at the top or else you will be noticed before you can take the shot.


There is no doubt that when compared to bows, guns will easily be seen as a more powerful weapon for survival. New rifles today can deliver impressive ranges, some up to 600 yards easily and still maintain accuracy. The ammo used in guns has the ability to drop the target easily if you know how to handle the gun.

Pros of Guns

  • The ability to deliver the ammo over a longer distance than a bow makes a gun preferred by many people. You can aim easily, in the comfort of your stand, and send the bullet towards your target. A number of factors can affect the type of gun and ammo to use, but on overall a gun would be better at shooting over long distances.
  • The stopping power of a bullet has been always enough to take down the target with ease. It is a minimal effort as compared to using the arrows. You might have to shoot your target with several arrows to get it down.
  • How about learning how to use a gun? As compared to using bows, the guns are always easier to master. You will be a pro in using a gun within a short time as when compared to shooting arrows over a long time.


  • The shortage of ammo always makes the gun useless. It is not the same as for the bows where, again, you can make arrows in the wild.

By now you have an idea which weapon you would choose. Each weapon has its best applications, so make sure that you keep that in mind before picking a gun or bow.

by Robert Gate

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