How To Earn $140k Farming 1.5 Acres

This is how to earn a good living (a six figure income) farming just 1.5 acres of land. It’s possible, and you can do it too. You always hear the naysayers talk about how it’s not possible to grow enough food for your family on 1 acre or even 2 acres. You hear people talk about needing 5, 10, and 20 acres or more to really have any chance to grow enough food to make a living. This is proof that you really only need a couple acres. Even if you only have 1 acre you can still produce a healthy income from that land.

“Today, they grow a diversified mix of crops including beets, broccoli, salad greens, and carrots on an acre and a half. Their award-winning farm, Les Jardins de la Grelinette, clears $140,000 in sales annually. Fortier and Desroches work nine months out of the year and their CSAfeeds 200 families a week during the summer months.” ~ Earn a Good Living Without a Tractor

Jean-Martin Fortier’s farm sells $140,000 of food on an acre and half. Now he wants to help others do the same.”

“Growing on just 1.5 acres, owners Jean-Martin and Maude-Helène feed more than two hundred families through their thriving CSA and seasonal market stands and supply their signature mesclun salad mix to dozens of local establishments. The secret of their success is the low-tech, high-yield production methods they’ve developed by focusing on growing better rather than growing bigger, making their operation more lucrative and viable in the process.” ~ Market Gardener

This is a great example of how it can be done on less land than you think.

The future of farming is here. Out prediction is that more and more small farms will start popping up over the next 5 years to fill in the gaps left by Big-Ag and factory farms between growers and health conscious consumers.

Agriculture is the future of job growth and income, and will provide for generations to come. As our population increases, we need to be able to feed the people. This will help bridge the gap and provide many small farmers with a healthy income.

That you can do this on less land that previously thought is massive benefit to small farms all over the world.

Are you ready to start farming?

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