how to survive in the wild

It is essential to learn basic skills and know how to survive in the wild

The UK has some fantastic areas of natural beauty and unspoilt open spaces, with thousands of acres UK national parksof wilderness to ‘get lost’ in.UK national parks

From the Cairngorm hills and mountains of Scotland, right down to harsh and exposed Dartmoor and Exmoor – you are never too far away from unspoilt solitude – away from civilisation.

Exploring these areas for potential bug out location or simply to hone your bushcraft skills means venturing out into the unknown.

In true keeping with all prepping principles you must never attempt to go out into the wilderness unprepared.

Even for a short day’s hike – you must know how to survive in the wild.

It is essential to know the top 10 survival skills needed to ensure you will be able to keep yourself alive should something unforeseen happen.

There are several No:1 rules, each as important as the other, but you must follow them – preparation is key.
how to survive in the wild – essential rules

Make sure you are fit enough to do what you think you can do.!
Gain as much ‘classroom’ knowledge of bushcraft skills as possible.
Practice your bushcraft skills at home and in the garden.
Plan, check and the double check your routes, venues, times, rest points and camp.
Tell someone your general route and time you expect to return.
Exchange mobile telephone numbers and agree some ‘check in’ calls

The above are your basic No:1 rules before you even set out into the wild.

essential hiking kit

Basic survival equipment:

Just what equipment you do and don’t carry with you is a matter of individual choice, but again, there are some important bits of kit you really cannot do without:

A mean to collect and purify water for drinking
A means of making a fire for cooking – gas cooker / trangia / organic
Food & snacks
Ordnance map / compass / torch / knife /
Waterproof clothing / spare socks / hat / good walking boots

Essential survival equipment:

Shelter – tent / bivvy / hammock etc
Fully charged mobile phone
Suitable sleeping bag
First aid kit + first aid booklet with emergency first aid
Means of signalling – mirror / reflective material / personal location beacon

This list can go on and on – but remember, it’s personal choice – if you were well trained in survival you need very little to get by, but for most of us its a case of pack as much as you can comfortably carry.

You will never learn until you actually go out and do it – but always learn how to survive in the wild before you venture out…!




Learning how to survive in the wild is an essential skill that must be mastered in order to go out and be confident that you will come back alive!

Fortunately, in the UK we have a predictable and a relatively mild climate for most parts of the country. Unlike the USA where there are levels of extremes far in excess of that in the UK.

To venture out into the great American wilderness can really mean survival for your life.


But whatever the country you live in, it is still necessary to learn basic survival skills and know how to survive in the wild.

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