Introducing Nutritional Anarchy: At War with Big Food


It’s time for a revolution.

The enemy is a group of large corporations who have taken over the food supply of our country, aided and abetted by corrupt government watchdog agencies and paid-off politicians.

We’re at war against Big Agri, Big Pharma, and Big Food.

It’s time to commit acts of nutritional anarchy, in defiance of the “rules” that are making it increasingly difficult to take charge of our health.

With my friends Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton (of Truthstream Media) and natural health and nutrition expert Lisa Egan, we have drawn our battle lines over at our new website, Nutritional Anarchy.

Anarchy is defined as the non-recognition of authority. Since nutrition is regulated by a bunch of bureaucrats who don’t really care about people, only about profits, you must have the plans and weapons in place to live a life of nutritional anarchy. Please join us as we discuss problems and offer solutions for peaceful anarchy against a system that would create a dumbed-down, sick, and lethargic nation.
Banish processed foodlike substances from your life.

Traditionally…and by traditionally I mean ever since there were humans on the planet eating stuff…food came from one of these sources:
Plants or Animals.

Food has been hunted, gathered, foraged, cultivated, and farmed.

But now, it’s “manufactured”. defines manufacture  as

to make or produce by hand or machinery, especially on a large scale
to work up (material) into form for use
to invent fictitiously; fabricate; concoct
to produce in a mechanical way without inspiration or originality

Sorry, but none of that should apply to the preparation of food.
Sadly, what many people buy at the store isn’t actually food anymore. It is a collection of artificial substances that being created in a lab environment. From purely synthetic ingredients, compounds are formed. Sometimes a bit of the original food is present, perhaps a small bit of meat or vegetable or grain, and that item is stretched with chemicals to turn it into a food-like substance. The substance is shaped to look like food. It is artificially colored and molded into forms like some kind of semi-edible play-dough. Then scents and flavors, also artificial, are added. This makes the substances resemble food even more because now it tastes and smells like food.

Because it isn’t immediately lethal to ingest, those noble guardians at the FDA slap a label on it that the substance is GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe.

Then the substance is placed into little plastic trays, foil, bags, or cellophane. That is placed inside a box with an illustration on the outside. The illustration looks like the food that the substance inside all of the packaging is supposed to taste like. Perhaps it is a juicy roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, savory gravy, and carrots. Your brain processes this visual stimuli and expects that the substance contained within is indeed “food.”

But it isn’t.

It’s a scam. People go to the store to buy food, but they are sold something else, something that only pretends to be food.
10 steps towards nutritional anarchy

The most important thing we can do for our health right now is to learn about nature’s vitamins in preparation for the day that choosing our own supplements is against the law. For example, did you know that a cup of rose hip tea contains staggeringly high amounts of Vitamin C? Or that a cup of dandelion greens contains three times the RDA for Vitamin A?

Take these steps to prepare for the day when real vitamins might be completely inaccessible without a prescription.

Educate yourself on which foods provide the most nutritional bang for the buck
Plant nutrient dense flora in your garden
Learn to identify edible plants and locate wild sources of nutrients, like a field of dandelions (make sure they are not sprayed with pesticides)
Learn small space gardening methods to make the most of urban locations
Consider hydroponics and/or aquaponics
Purchase heirloom seeds to put aside for the future, when they may no longer be available
Learn how to properly save and store seeds from your own plants for future gardening endeavors
Learn how to harvest and preserve the bounty from your own property
Practice preparing delicious meals using the most nutritious foods available
Experiment with multiple ways to use the in-season bounty from your garden to prevent boredom

These are the actions that will provide our independence from those who would have the audacity to regulate good nutrition.

When you stock your pantry with vitamin-laden goodies straight from nature, you don’t have to question whether you are providing your family with what they need or just buying into the Big Pharma marketing scam. Big Pharma executives are rubbing their greedy hands together, just waiting for the day that we have been “food modernized” and can no longer purchase nutritional supplements without a visit to a physician, a trip to the pharmacy, and all of the costs (and risks) associated with those things.


In the case of Codex Alimentarius and the nutritional dictatorship the document portends, Mick Jagger had it right when he said:
Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope.
Join the battle!

Please join us over at our new site,Nutritional Anarchy.  . Break the rules. Knock over the “food pyramid”. Free yourself from shackles of the Standard American Diet (SAD is the most appropriate acronym ever!)

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