Money and Control: Why the FDA is Cracking Down on Natural Medicine Supplies

If you are an avid believer in alternative medicine, you need to be aware of a growing concern. In January, the FDA had a press conference stressing the importance of ‘protecting public health,” and is moving to pass a policy to reduce the “increase in safety concerns, including serious adverse events” resulting from homeopathic products”, the FDA says.

With a record number of people turning to homeopathy, as well as the recent “war on opioids” in the news, the FDA decided to announce new policies on the use of homeopathic drugs.

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reportedly declared that “virtually all” homeopathic drugs are illegal. Reports that the FDA is cracking down on the use of natural medicines have been circulating for a while. However, in a recently released “guidance document,” the FDA is now quoted as saying that homeopathic drugs are considered “new drugs” that are allegedly being sold illegally. The FDA released its new guidance document last month, and sources in support of the use of homeopathic drugs are still attempting to translate what the FDA is calling a “draft guidance” that’s been released for “comment purposes only.”


“We respect that some individuals want to use alternative treatments, but the FDA has a responsibility to protect the public from products that may not deliver any benefit and have the potential to cause harm,” states the FDA. This more aggressive stance toward homeopathic drugs was done in order to “protect the public from dangerous products.”  Homeopathic products, especially those sold to treat infants and children, those containing ingredients with significant safety concerns (such as belladonna, and those sold for serious conditions such as opioid addiction, heart disease, and cancer) are under the most scrutiny.

Why the FDA Wants to Crack Down on your Holistic Supplies

While the FDA  has long criticized homeopathy for not having enough scientific evidence to support its claim of improving health and for some homeopathic products being dangerous to the public, some wonder if the FDA has ulterior motives and if this is coming into play now for a specific reason.

First, now that Obamacare is no longer mandatory, there is a tremendous backlash from the healthcare industry, the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Secondly, prescription drugs are one of the fastest-growing categories of medical costs thanks to lobbyists and bought-and-paid-for politicians and with homeopathy becoming an up and coming market niche in recent years (reaching into the billions of dollars), perhaps the FDA wants to ensure they get a piece of the pie or monopolize and control the market entirely.

Big Pharma Wants Your Business

As a citizenry, we have been living in a drug-dependent culture…prescribed in the light of day by an established medical hierarchy not wanting to lose its “cash cow.”  We’re talking hundreds of billions of dollars here! With more people coming to the realization that these expensive, debilitating, synthesized, FDA-approved pharmaceuticals are in fact the snake oil they’re being warned about, they are opting out and finding more natural medicinal treatments. This means that the FDA and Big Pharma is losing out.

Moreover, Europe is still reeling under the auspices of the “Codex Alimentarius” designed to do the same thing: regulate holistic and herbal supplements into oblivion.  I have written numerous articles on how to come up with kits and supplies to tailor to the individual needs of your family members.  I have also written several articles on antibiotics, and how to find such things from sources that most may not take notice of, such as pet stores and pet supply websites.

As such, it would behoove you to stock up on as much as you need before all of this is signed into laws that restrict you from obtaining what you need. Don’t take the chance of being caught without the essentials.  Get back to your basics and re-read what has been written in the archives if you haven’t printed it out.  Once you read it again and formulate a plan, take action.  When you find out what supplies you need, I recommend going to the Natural Health stores and buying what you can and find out about markdown items.  Another thing you can do is arrange with the owner or manager to give you a discount if you buy a large quantity.  They’ll do it if you use some PR, especially if you’ve been shopping there for a while.

Another thing you may want (and this would probably only be for those of you who have fostered a one-on-one relationship with the proprietor) is get them to special order certain things you wish at cost, just as a favor to you.  Remember: unless you attempt it, it can’t be done.  The worst thing they can say is “no,” and that’s not the end of the world.  So, maybe you don’t need to do this all in one fell swoop, but it may be wise to get a hold of what you need and stock up on it now.  Today’s “talk” of banning something is tomorrow’s ban.  Fight that good fight and fight it smart.

by Jeremiah Johnson

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