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Two years ago someone told me that they were preparing for an up and coming catastrophic event, they did not elaborate but did mention a planet called Nibiru, I thought this guy was a little brain dead at the time. As I am retired I have a lot of time on my hands and was somewhat bored being at home.

I decided to check out his story and discovered a large amount of garbage on YouTube but then I listened to a guy named Marshall Masters who use to be a science correspondent for CNN. This guy seemed to be credible even though he is a little long winded. As I dug deeper into what was happening around the world such as an increase in volcanos, sink holes, extreme weather and earthquakes. Then I learned about the strange death of some astronomers, in fact there has been twelve rarely recently.

What reply convinced me that something was up is when I noticed for myself that the man in the moon face actually tilted approximately 30 degrees, I have looked at the moon for many years but never ever did I witness anything like this.

I hypothesized what would happen if there was some sort of catastrophe, and after great thought and going through many scenarios I came to the conclusion that myself and my family could possible be in danger from others trying to survive themselves.

I decided that I needed to arm myself with several weapons such as a handgun, riffle, shotgun and compound bow. I also realized that amassing ammunition would also be required. Food and water was my next important task, seeds to grow my own food was also a priority. A source of heat was my next task along with a method of cooking the food that I had stored.

Now you have to understand that my decision to do this was based on only a few facts and a lot of speculation, but my reasoning was I could be completely out to lunch but it is better to be prepared and wrong that not to be prepared and right.

Most of my family actually laugh at me and think that I am losing my mind, and my wife begged me not to mention any of this prepping to our family and friends. This is like leading a double life, my wife does not like to hear anything about the possibility of some sort of catastrophe but does not try to stop me from preparing.

I understand that the media would not inform the general public of any pending disaster due to gag orders from the government. I am seriously thinking of moving to another location so that I can have a well, a fireplace, and solar panels to get off the grid. Well this is my story and I have selected only a few people on the web that I believe have credibility.

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