“My Prepper Story” Contest Ends

A few weeks ago, we asked for great survival, prepping, homesteading and off-grid living stories from you and we got them!

In all, 16 of you submitted stories that share wonderful tips, tricks and advice. Knowledge is power and each of you did your part to help empower your fellow readers; we appreciate your efforts and enjoyed reading every single piece.

If you haven’t already checked them out, you can find ALL the stories that readers submitted for the contest here. Though voting is closed, they really are worth the read just for the insights they contain.

We have stories from all walks of life. One is from a guy who was stuck in the Rodney King riots. He explains how he escaped the city and what he learned from the experience.

We also got some great tips about how to go off the grid slowly on a budget and one former Marine shares some advice about getting the family involved in the prepping process. You’ll also learn about edible landscaping, stockpiling using a weekly use value and building an EMP room. One reader shared his story of how he went pretty much completely off-grid while working a job that barely paid the bills.

A Vietnam vet shares the story of how his son used the training that he acquired while growing up to save lives in a Mexican earthquake. Another vet shares how he has prepped for his entire family alone on an extremely limited budget because his family doesn’t support him. He’s an extremely creative guy!

And we also got two stories from preppers from abroad. We will also share their experiences these days even if they did not qualify to enter the contest.

Through reading these stories, we’ve come to know our readers a little bit more and we love what we learned. Prepping isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have support from your family or the financial means to go out and buy expensive equipment.

However, we’ve learned that you can do it even without those two things and we sure are impressed with the submissions.

So, the winners of the contest are…

First prize ($500 coupon) – Jim, whose story gathered 22 votes.

It all began back in 1996, after I had read an article in a Soldier of Fortune magazine or something similar to that. I read about saving foods, and how bullets would someday become a form of currency. I didn’t believe what I read, but it got me to thinking about things.”

Read here the rest of the story.

Second prize ($300 coupon) – J.Z., whose story gathered 21 votes.

Our adventure started innocuously enough. We purchased 3.5 acres in the country. The property was covered in pine trees, and I wanted an edible landscape. There were very few edibles already on the land, there were several hickory trees and a lovely oak that produces the nicest acorns; but other than that, there just wasn’t much edible there.”

Read here the rest of the story.

Third prize ($200 coupon) – Wayne, whose story gathered 15 votes.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a disabled Vietnam veteran who developed a penchant for the out-of-doors, self-sufficiency, and service at a very early age. I strongly believe in “God-Family-Country”. These concepts I have tried to instill in my family. This true story is more about my youngest son, his mission to Mexico, and how his training at home helped himself and many others survive without the physical preparations that many see as the end-all of prepping.”

Read here the rest of the story.

Our prize for the most original story goes to Sonny B.

“My story starts with a business trip that put me in South Central Los Angeles on Wednesday April 29, 1992. My local business associate was a young woman. She and I had finished our meeting with our customer. Our business complete, she was giving me a ride to my hotel in her Volkswagen convertible.

Read here the rest of the story.

As far as we’re concerned, the real winners are the ones who will benefit from the knowledge that these stories contain.

Many hands really do make lighter work and if we all share what we know, then we’ll all be a little richer.

Keep sharing – we love to hear from you!

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