Obama’s Nuclear Deal Is Slapped In The Face

Benjamin Netanyahu’s long awaited speech to the U.S. House of Representatives finally happened this last week. Invited at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner, the visit and speech has been controversial since it was first announced. Carried out without the White House’s involvement or even approval, it can be easily seen as a slap of the face to the president, for his lack of support of Israel.

The United States has officially supported Israel since its creation in 1948. Throughout the last few decades, that support has waxed and waned with the political tides.

When we had a Republican president in office, Israel received the support of the United States. But when the Democrats took office, that help turned into slim pickings indeed.Even so, none of the other Democrat presidents have been as negative towards Israel as the current resident of the White House.

Why Netanyahu Can’t Trust Iran

Obama’s support of Islam is well known. He has given them considerable support, even to the harm of the United States and our interests. Throughout his tenure in the Oval Office, he has spoken highly of the Muslim faith and given them every advantage possible.

While there are several Muslim countries which might try to lay claim to being their leader, Iraq has been the most vocal in support of the fight against Western culture, specifically against the United States of America. As far back as the 1970s, they declared war on us and as best I know, they never changed that.

In the midst of this, Benjamin Netanyahu comes to the United States and speaks out against Iran. His speech before the House of Representatives focused on the dangers of Iran, specifically on the dangers of allowing them a nuclear program.

As we know, Obama allowed Iran to pursue their nuclear program, pending the current negotiations. He is supposedly in the midst of drafting a new treaty with them, which will probably allow them to pursue nuclear power, but block them from developing nuclear arms. In a way, that’s somewhat of a joke. The ability to develop nuclear power will automatically give them the ability to develop nuclear arms, whether in the open or in secret.

Netanyahu’s justifiable fear is that if Iran succeeds in developing a nuclear bomb, that they will use it against Israel. With Israel’s small size, they could destroy a large part of the country with one device. Even if they weren’t successful in destroying everything, the portions left would be leaderless and easily overrun by conventional forces.

To add to Netanyahu’s discomfort, Israeli satellites have already photographed ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) in Iran.

So, the problem of a delivery vehicle to go with a nuclear bomb seems to already be solved. Once the bomb were complete, it wouldn’t take much for them to send it off and destroy Israel.

Video first seen on Today News

True to his fashion, Netanyahu pulled no punches, urging Congress to block the current agreement and not allow Iran to go forward. He made a good case for why we shouldn’t trust Iran to stick to the agreement, citing past actions of Iran, where they have blocked inspectors and lied on an international level. There is no true guarantee that they would follow this agreement any more than they have any of the others they’ve ignored.

Who Is Protecting Who?

It is clear that Iran is a danger not only to Israel, but to the United States and the world in general. Even Saudi Arabia understands this, which is why the first Gulf War was fought for limited goals. They didn’t want Saddam Hussein destroyed, because he served as a buffer between Iran and their country.

Netanyahu’s speech was well received by the majority of Congress, with him having to stop several times to wait for thunderous applause. But while many Democrats applauded him, there were others who were upset, saying that he was speaking out against the United States and President Obama. It is clear that Bibi is a much stronger leader in international relations than Obama is and that alone makes Obama look bad.

Obama’s response? He claimed that Netanyahu has not “offered any viable alternatives” to negotiating with Iran. Perhaps that’s because in Obama’s world view, helping Iran develop nuclear bombs is necessary. It’s clear that he’s more concerned about protecting Iran from Israel than he is of protecting Israel or the United States from Iran. He showed that when he said that he would order shot down any Israeli jets that attacked the Iranian nuclear power facility.

Not surprisingly, this speech just further polarized many American politicians. But surprisingly, the Senate voted unanimously to welcome Bibi to speak to a joint session of Congress. Senate Democrats ignored the orders of Obama in this and voted unanimously in support of Israel.

So, while the White House doesn’t support Israel, it appears that there are some Democrats who do.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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