SHTF Medical Emergencies: Why This Antibiotic is the Most Popular Type Stored

Antibiotics are a must for emergency medical supplies, but amoxicillin is the most widely stored antibiotic and these are the reasons why.

Before you scoff completely at the title and smirk at the use of a manufactured pharmaceutical, there are a few things I ask you to keep in mind.  I have written before on my stance regarding both naturopathic and traditional medicines, and I will reiterate that position once more if you have either forgotten it or not read it:

 Herbalism is the parent of modern medicine, and the two “branches” should complement one another and never be in contradiction.

I have the utmost respect for the educational background of physicians.  The definition of a true physician is one who uses his skills to for the benefit of a patient in need and helps that patient as best as can be done.  Don’t discount modern medicine completely.  Where one of the two branches cannot work, or does not work effectively, the other should be able to pick up the slack.  In this light, do not relegate all of the chemistry and science behind medicines that do work.  Sometimes we need that extra “edge” when facing an illness we cannot rectify through traditional home remedies.

Why Amoxicillin is the Most Popular Type of Antibiotic

One of the best medicines to stock up on is Amoxicillin, a drug that has been actively used in the service since 1972.  It is a pretty broad-spectrum antibiotic that is great for bacterial infections, such as ear infections, sinusitis, respiratory ailments, UTI (Urinary Tract Infections), Lyme disease (yes, we’re entering tick season now), pneumonia, and other ailments.  A well-rounded antibiotic, it has a shelf life of more than 15 years.  That in itself should ring a bell for you as a happy prepper.

I had mentioned in past articles that you can obtain antibiotics such as this one without a prescription for your pets.  Yes, prep for your pets, if you see what I’m saying. Amoxicillin can also be used with skin infections and is one of the antibiotics prescribed when there is a problem with the dental emergencies…especially with tooth extractions.  There are those who are hypersensitive (that suffer an allergic reaction) to amoxicillin, and adults should be aware of their own history regarding this.

The best thing: check with your friendly family physician to screen all of your family members for sensitivity to amoxicillin.  Then you’ll be able to act upon that information.  Amoxicillin should be stored in a cool, dry place that will not be subject either to sunlight or sudden and extreme changes in temperature.  Barring hypersensitivity reactions, it is too valuable an antibiotic to discount as part of your preparedness arsenal.  Easy to utilize in accordance with an illness as mentioned before, stocking up on this can do nothing but increase your chances of illnesses in the times to come.

Consider stocking up for your pets, and as with all things, prior to using any information in this article, clear it all with your friendly family physician.  You’ll find it to be both within your budget and beneficial to your prepping and survival plans…plans that will have paid for themselves when the SHTF.  Keep in that good fight, and take care of one another!

source : Jeremih Johnson

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