The 5 Fatal Self Defense Weapons That You Carry

“He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.”

One’s right to own and bear arms is clearly stated in our Constitution in the second amendment. We are used to taking that right for granted because it’s always been that way, for as long as we’ve been a country. Unfortunately, it’s no longer that easy.

Fast forward to 9/11.

Since then, we’ve entered a completely different era. Now personal liberty and individual rights are being disregarded by collectivist and totalitarian ideas about “the greater good for the greater number”, and “trading individual rights for the greater security provided by Big Bro”. These are ideas which were proven wrong time and time again in recent history, but we just don’t seem to learn.

We’re living in scary times, in which our elected tyrannical government (the bolded word was mentioned in the Declaration of Independence also) tries hard to limit our rights day after day, passing laws that defy the Second Amendment. They’re relentlessly working to associate legitimate gun owners with domestic terrorism via a massive propaganda campaign in mass-media and even Hollywood movies.

Since not every state in the US allows people to carry (open or concealed) firearms on their person to protect themselves, in this article we will take an alternative crash course in 5 fatal and inconspicuous self-defense weapons that you can own. You already carry most of them without a license or being bullied by the forces who vowed to defend and uphold the values written by our founding fathers in our Constitution.

Check them up and learn to properly use them for your own defense!

1. The Scarf

Let’s start with one of the most improbable (and fatal) self-defense weapons, namely the humble scarf.

We all know what a scarf is and what it’s used for by regular folks. Now, if you’re a professional hit man for the mob or a maybe a ninja, you may know the domestic and harmless looking scarf as a garrote, because that’s what you can use a scarf as. You can use it to strangle a person, using the scarf as the means to a “fatal” end.

I know it sounds like a James Bond movie, but with a little bit of training and technique, you can use a scarf as a fatal self-defense weapon. Soldiers and Special Forces members are using improvised garrotes regularly (for hundreds of years) as a silent mean of assassination. As a matter of fact, elite soldiers from the French Foreign Legion made a name for themselves in this niche.

Just take a look at clip and you’ll get the general idea about how to use a scarf as a garrote/self-defense weapon, but you’ll require serious training if you want to master this ancient technique flawlessly.

Video first seen on Expert Village.

2. The Pen

My second choice for a potentially fatal self-defense weapon that can be used anytime and anywhere without the slightest chance of detection is an item carried by most of the people on a daily basis: the pen.

What’s a pen from a self-defense point of view? I bet you’ve already guessed: a stiletto! Okay, what’s a stiletto you may ask? A stiletto is basically a dagger with a thin and narrow blade and a needle point, used primarily for stabbing. And stabbing is the name of the game when we’re talking about pens as fatal self-defense weapons.

I bet you’ve seen movies featuring pens that are actually firearms, used by KGB and various other secret agencies in assassinations and what not. But there is also a special type of pen that can be used as a tactical weapon; they’re simply called tactical pens. There are lots of companies manufacturing them (UZI, Boker, Gerber), you just have to check and choose one for yourself.

Anyway, you can use any regular pen as a self-defense weapon if SHTF. Even a wooden crayon will do the job if you use it for targeting vulnerable points on your adversary, i.e. the eyes or the neck.

Video first seen on Howcast.

3. Car Keys

Car keys make the number three spot on the invisible self-defense weapons list to be used in a life threatening situation. If you think I’m kidding, just go and do a little research on push daggers.

Do you see where I’m going? Car keys, specifically the big non-folding ones, can be successfully used as a push dagger. Even if they’re not as sharp and pointy as a regular push dagger, if used properly they can do serious damage in a SHTF situation, when you’re pumped up with adrenaline and your heart is ready to burst!

For optimum results in a (I must emphasize) LIFE THREATHING situation, go for the eyes or neck.

Video first seen on Black Belt Site.

4. The Sap Cap

Number four comes with a bang, literally, and it’s my personal favorite: the sap cap! The sap cap is basically an impact weapon (hence the bang) disguised into a regular baseball cap.

The secret behind this ingenious weapon is the special pocket on the back of the cap, filled with tiny yet heavy micro-spheres that give it the necessary weight for disabling your adversary with a well-aimed punch.

To use the US-made sap cap, you take it off your head and smack your adversary with it if you think there’s no other way around it when diplomacy goes out the window.

Video first seen on Spy Emporium.

5. The Credit Card

My fifth suggestion comes directly from a Steven Seagal movie, “The Glimmer Man”, where he defeats the bad guys using some kind of credit card knife. The credit card is number 5 on my fatal self-defense weapons list.

Credit cards are regularly used for buying stuff you don’t need by most of the people out there, but they come handy also as self-defense weapons For this, you’ll need a special kind of credit card, obviously, and some skills, but the surprise will be immense, believe me!

Video first seen on Video budo.

Now that we’ve finished with inconspicuous everyday objects that can be used as fatal self-defense weapons, let me give you two more ideas about “non-lethal” aids or means for self-defense; again, these can be improvised from harmless stuff, like water bottles or an umbrella.

How to use a water bottle for self-defense you may ask? I can see what you did here Chris, just smash them with the bottle on the head!

Well, not exactly, because a small plastic water bottle – the kind that we use for hydrating ourselves on the go – can’t inflict much harm or even pain against an angry attacker. The surprise may come from its actual content: water that is.

The idea is to flee rather than to fight, and you can flee after using the water inside the bottle as a diversion. You’ll open the plastic bottle and splash the water in your opponent’s face, then flee while he’s confused, distracted and relatively blinded.

Video first seen on Self Defense Videos.

Umbrellas come handy on a rainy day and also as a self-defense tool for martial arts aficionados. You can use an umbrella to hit or to control your attacker in any number of ways. Just watch this video and start practicing with your life partner or your kids, it will be massive fun!

CLICK HERE to find out more about using unconventional weapons for your defense.

If you have any suggestions about self-defense weapons improvised from everyday items, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

This article has been written by Chris Black for Survivopedia.

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