Tips for First-Time Gardeners


Have you ever thought about starting your own garden? Gardening is a rewarding activity. Many people find joy in growing their own food and discover that the time outside in their gardens is therapeutic. Moreover, gardening can save you some money if you are on a tight budget for food.

Keep in mind, however, that gardening takes some work and you will probably have to dive right in and learn as you grow. No one is the perfect gardener when they first begin. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you start your first gardening adventure:

Start Off Small – Remember that you don’t need a whole lot of space to start a garden. You only need a sunny spot and some seeds of a vegetable that you and your family like to eat. You might not even need a yard to start a garden. Many apartment dwellers start their own gardens on their patios or balconies. All you need is a vessel that holds dirt and is able to drain water.

Invest in Your Soil – If you want to use your yard for a garden, you’ll need to till the soil first because it makes the dirt easier to plant in. You can borrow or rent a tiller in order to do so. You might also consider using compost to fertilize the plants throughout the season. Compost is made out of decayed organic material, and many people use food scraps for compost.

Decide What to Plant – Try not to over-think things when deciding what to plant. If you like carrots and tomatoes, plant carrots and tomatoes. If you like to make your own pesto, plant basil. You will probably give your garden more tender loving care when its products are actually used and appreciated by your family.

Don’t Over-tend Your Garden – First-time gardeners might get freaked out by every little change they notice in their gardens. One yellow leaf could lead to overwatering which means trouble for your whole garden. However, sometimes all your garden needs you to do is to leave it alone.


Ask for Advice – If your garden is having issues, don’t hesitate to talk to more experienced gardeners for advice on what to do. Some plants will thrive in your environment whereas others will not. You can find out by trial and error but it might be easier just to talk to local experts at the nearest home improvement store. Remember that learning how to garden is a process and you will not get everything right the first time around.

by Rebecca Maxwell

About the Author:

Rebecca Maxwell is a freelance writer who has written for a variety of websites including and AKA Mom Magazine. She first started out as a history blogger at My Adventures in History, and her articles have been published in Idaho Magazine, Idaho Family Magazine, and Christian Living Mag

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