Watch: CNN Abruptly Cuts Off Interview: “Jesus Christ Died for Our Sins”

In recent months we’ve seen several instances of the Christian belief system being disparaged by State or quasi-State organizations.

In Colorado Springs students at Pine Creek Highschool were told that they could no longer use their free time to pray, discuss religious issues or sing religious songs. The school told the kids that their activities violated the U.S. Constitution and Separation of Church and State.

So much for “free” time.

A couple of weeks later a Muslim prayer worship was held at the Episcopal Washington National Cathedral. In a show of tolerance, those attending covered their eyes so as to avoid the Christian cross. At one point in the service a Christian woman stood up, pointed at the cross and said, “Jesus Christ died on that cross. He is the reason we are to worship only Him.” The woman was promptly escorted from the building by two unidentified individuals.

These are but a couple of the many incidents showing how Christianity in America is under attack.

The following video may be yet another. NFL player Benjamin Watson was on CNN responding to a recent essay he wrote about Ferguson when he began discussing his views on Jesus Christ. It could be a coincidence or an ill-timed technical glitch, but within seconds of mentioning his belief in Jesus Christ as the one true Savior his stream was abruptly cut off.

Accident or on purpose? You decide:

(Video via Top Right News)

Whether you believe in God or not, there’s one guiding principle that has been a staple of American values and liberty – religious freedom. One doesn’t have to agree with the message of others, but by natural law, we are a country of people who tolerate the beliefs and ideologies of others. In America, you’re supposed to be able to pray, sing or believe without having to worry about being beheaded. It’s worked fairly well for the last couple hundred years.

But you don’t have to be a Christian to understand what’s been happening recently.

In Colorado it was Christians who were told they couldn’t pray in their free time. Would the same hold true for Muslim or Sikh students? Or would it be politically incorrect to ban their prayer meetings and religious discussions as well? Moreover, would a Muslim mosque open their doors for Christians the same way the Washington National Cathedral did?

These are rhetorical questions, of course, because if you’re a Christian in America you already know the answer

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