What Is The Best Kydex Holster Option for Your Handgun?

I own several firearms of varying shapes, sizes and each are designed for specific purposes. I am not a collector but like to classify my ownership and interest in having firearms as a hobby. It just so happens that one of the benefits of this hobby is that I am able to hunt. I am also able to defend and protect my family if need be. As with almost any other hobby I can think of out there, you can’t just buy the item that is the main focus of your hobby and be done with it. If you golf, you can’t just buy a set of clubs and that’s it. NO, you have to get shoes and the right shirts, hats with golf logos or courses on them, gloves, Tees and on and on. It’s the same thing with hunting. You can’t just get a hunting license and a gun, that is only the start of this new-found occupier of the better parts of many a fall weekend. OK, I know that if I had to I could refrain from buying that other stuff, but what’s the fun in that?

With firearms it’s not much different and for my handguns at a minimum I wanted to have a good holster.  I wanted something that could hold my full size Glock, but not be too noticeable. I wanted something that I could conceal with a UN-tucked shirt or light jacket if needed. When I started looking at holsters for my handgun I had a couple of thoughts. I have tried a paddle holster from Forbus and I liked it, but the profile was too big and I didn’t feel like the retention was perfect.  I wanted something much more secure and comfortable and fit snug against my torso. I also like to have something that is going to stand the test of time. I looked at leather and thought seriously about that because leather is durable and once it is broken in becomes very comfortable. However, it didn’t seem to me to be as lightweight and resistant to abrasion that I was looking for.


I settled on a Kydex holster for a couple of reasons. Mainly they are so slim and compact yet durable. Kydex holsters seem to draw more smoothly and faster to me, but that could be all in my head. Kydex isn’t without its own drawbacks as I have noticed that my weapon does show a little sign of abrasion that it didn’t before but on balance I like the look, feel and durability of the Kydex holsters the best. With that settled, I set out to shop for the best Kydex holster for my firearm. I wanted to share some of the options I found out there as well as what I eventually chose and this may help some of you make your own decisions if you are shopping for a Kydex holster for your handgun.

Photos are all courtesy and property of the respective companies.

1. Comp-Tac (OWB) Belt holster 


Product Details

Price: $79 and you can order it directly from Comp-Tac.com. Current shipping estimates at the time of this articles posting are 6 business days.

2. X-Concealment “M” Series Modular Concealment Holster


Product Details

Price: $69 as specified below: – Order directly from the X-Concealment site.

  • GUN MODEL: – Glock 17/22/31 (Full size)
  • CARRY SIDE/HAND: – Right Hand
  • COLOR: – Black
  • SWEAT GUARD OPTION: – Combat (Short) Sweat Guard
  • CARRY ANGLE: – Forward Cant (Recommended for Concealed Carry)
  • PRIMARY ATTACHMENT: – OWB Low-Mound Belt Loop 1.75″
  • 2NDARY ATTACHMENT: – Select a 2ndary Attachment

3.Raven Phantom Modular Holster


Product Details

Price: $75 as specified below: Current shipping time is 1-5 business days depending on options selected. Purchase directly from Raven Concealed

  • (Model: 17/22/31,
  • Holster Orientation: Right Handed Shooter,
  • Color: Black,
  • Body Shield: Full Shield 
  • Belt Loop Size: 1.75″

4. Bravo Concealment Patriot Gun Holster 


Product Details

Price $69 as specified below – Availability is “APPROXIMATELY 6-8 weeks after receiving payment.” You can order directly from the Bravo Concealed site.

  • Gun Type: Glock 17, 22, 31
  • Hand: Right Hand
  • Belt Loop: 1.75″ OWB
  • Gun Cant: 10 degrees cant (standard)
  • Sweat Guard: Medium (standard)

4. SideArmor Tactical OWB Glock Holster


Product Details

Price $64.95 as specified below – You can order directly from the SideArmor Tactical Systems site.

  • Glock Model – 17/22/31, RH (PN 2000)
  • Cut Option – Standard
  • Belt Slide Option – Fixed Cant, 15 Degrees, 1.75″
  • Color – Black


The Verdict?

Well, its not so much a verdict as a choice. I went with the Raven Concealed Holster and love it! It fits very snug against my side and that not only feels better as I am constantly aware of the presence of my firearm, but it gives me a sense of ease knowing it is tucked right up near me. I would worry more about the paddle holster in public because it was further away from my body so I would constantly have my elbow touching it. Now, with the Raven, I don’t have to do that.

As you can see, most of these holsters do not differentiate too much but the raven has its support further apart I believe and that makes the fit inside the belt tighter. It seems like the distance gives the holster more stability. In an upcoming post I want to review a couple of more tactical holsters, so stay tuned for that.

What are you carrying your hobby in?

by Pat Henry

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