You’re not going to believe what I do with this 2-liter bottle.

Just in case you missed the most recent episode of FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS, I had to write this blog post and show you a cool survival skill that I think you’ll really enjoy. And, it’s a great way to source some awesome cordage in a pinch. I call it the 2-Liter Bottle Cordage Jig.

Years ago I saw a video about how a small factory was recycling 2-liter bottles to make woven baskets. They had a fancy electric powered piece of equipment that would allow an operator to feed in trash 2-liter bottles and it would strip them into long pieces of plastic that would then be coiled on a spool and used to weave baskets.

Trash 2-liter bottles (or similar) can be found all over the world, especially in coastal areas. During our week filming FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS in the Florida Swamps I decided to create a primitive version of making cordage from 2-liter bottles using just my knife, my folding saw and a sapling stump.

Below is a link to the YouTube video filmed for the show that I think you will find very educational. It’s rare to find a survival skill that you’ve never seen before and I’m proud to bring one to you in this post!

Like I always say, survival is about using what you have to get what you need and this skill is a prime example of that philosophy.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,

source : Creek Stewart

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