10 Easy DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

Want to grow a garden but have limited space?  No problem!  When you grow a garden vertically, the sky truly is the limit!  There are many amazing, innovative ideas out there for vertical gardening using all types of materials.  As long as you have sufficient light for plants to grow, you really can grow a garden in just about anything.  And if you use recycled materials, you can often build your garden for free.

Here are 10 simple DIY vertical garden ideas that demonstrate just how effective, and inexpensive, vertical gardening can be.

Gutters are an awesome way to grow food on a vertical surface.  This setup was part of a mobile unit from Greensgrow Farm, installed on the side of a shipping container.  The angles of the gutters allow the whole unit to be watered from the top.  The water can trickle down through all the levels and into a container garden on the ground.  Image via Flickr

Here’s another idea using gutters.  This is an awesome way to transform a plain wall or building exterior into something beautiful.  Via Treehugger

Using plastic bottles for gardening containers is gaining popularity big time.  These bottles are plentiful and free, and they make some really cool vertical gardens.  Check out this idea from the Owner Builder Network.  Who knew plastic bottles could make such a beautiful garden?

This amazing vertical garden, which also uses plastic bottles, hangs outside a school in Singapore.  The bottles are secured to CD racks using plastic cable ties.  Via Dream N Grow It 

Beautiful vertical container gardens can be made for dirt cheap with old coffee cans.  This coffee can herb garden was featured at a garden show.  Image via Ewa in the Garden

The same concept was used by Stefani Maria to make this cute little herb garden in cans.  Rather than attach them directly to the wall, she attached the cans to a board that can be placed against a wall outdoors and can be moved as needed.

We’ve written about using pallets for vertical gardening before, and here’s another really neat pallet idea.  These were seen by The Eclectic Ark at the Makers Faire in Vancouver.  The pallets are covered in burlap and filled with dirt.  The plants are placed at the top of the pallets and through slits in the burlap.  The back side of the pallets were decorated to make up a sign.  Very cool!

Here’s an awesome idea from Infarrantly Creative showing how to make this little kitchen herb garden.  It’s super cute and small enough to easily fit on a patio.

Flower Street Urban Gardens of Phoenix, AZ create gorgeous vertical gardens with wood containers that hang on block walls, ledges, and balconies.  There are contractors in many areas that can be hired to install similar gardens, and these also serve as a great source of inspiration for DIY’ers.

For those wanting to try vertical gardening indoors, here’s a cool idea from NPR: window farming with plastic bottles.  They provide videos and links to tutorials that show how to make these.

These are just a few of the many vertical garden ideas out there.  With a little creativity, you can grow a gorgeous garden just about anywhere!

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