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Nowadays, we have a huge number of devices and gadgets around us that are supposed to make our daily lives easier. It’s what we’re most focused on, our normal day-to day life – but what if something serious happens, one of the things we’d rather not think about? A fire, a burglary, a child disappears? Some items that can save you in these situations you might own already, some you maybe don’t know yet exist.


1 Flashlight
Most of us have a flashlight at home.
Somewhere. It can be of great help when there’s a power outage, for example. The problem is that most of us don’t know where it’s hiding, and if we find it, the batteries are probably empty. See that you store one or several flashlights in a place you remember, and store batteries next to it.

2 Radio
radio-150x150In case of a natural disaster, a radio can be your line of communication when for example telephone nets break down. It might be your only way of receiving important information and updates. Store a battery-driven radio together with bottled water, non-perishable foods, clothes and other necessities you keep to be prepared.
3 Burglar Alarmburglaralarm-150x150
A burglar alarm is an excellent device that makes your home more secure and lets you feel safe. With one little code before you leave and after you come back, your entire home will be secured. The entire neighborhood will know if it’s breached, not to mention the security firm who will call or come over on the spot. Nowadays there are a plethora of different systems available, many are less complicated to install and less expensive than you think.

4 Smoke Detector
A smoke detector should be matter of course in every home. It’s easily set up and doesn’t need any maintenance, except for occasional battery changes. Smoke detectors have saved countless lives – you think you’d wake up in case of a fire, but chances are you won’t. Install a detector on every level of your home and don’t forget to test them regularly.

5 Timer

timers-150x150There are several different kinds of timers on the market. With the most common ones, you simply enter the start and stop time and plug it into an outlet. The device connected to it will then only be active between those times. More advanced versions can be installed for example into your stove. After a certain time, these timers will turn off the stove automatically. These devices can be live savers if you forget to turn the stove off, and are frequently used when elderly persons live on their own.
6 Safety Plugs

These have been around for a long time, and they work today as well as they did before. Houses tend to have more and more electrical outlets, and even though no one seems to know why, babies and toddlers seem to be drawn to them like a moth to the light. Buy and place a gang of these and save your kids from serious injury.

7 Landline
landline-150x150This might seem really old fashioned to you, since so many people nowadays only use cell phones. With those, you can carry your home phone with you, so what’s not to like? What people tend to forget is that mobile networks are much more vulnerable than landlines in for example extreme weather. If you don’t have a landline, you may be without a line of communication to the outside world, and you won’t be able to make emergency calls. Remember also that cordless phones won’t work during a power outage.
8 GPS Tracking Devices
gpstrackingdevice-150x150GPS tracking is the newest thing in child safety. Since they’re not as expensive anymore, they are used by many parents. They want to be sure were their child is and that it is safe at all times. Simply fasten the small tracker on your child’s jacket or backpack, and whenever you want to you can tune in and check that your child is not skipping school, or something more sinister is happening.


9 Home Surveillance Equipment

homesurveillance-150x150With today’s technical advances, home surveillance is not only for mansions anymore. Cameras have become much cheaper, and installation is not difficult. Even us people with “normal” homes can afford a high security standard.

This is a great way of knowing everything that’s going on in and around your home, whether anything sinister is going on or not. And criminals are sure to be intimidated by visible cameras!
10 Video Intercom System
videointercomsystem-150x150Do you live alone or you simply don’t want you or your children to open the door to anyone unknown? Then a video intercom system is for you. You’ll be able to identify anyone who rings at your door at a glance!

There are so many scammers and burglars around who trick people by ringing at their door and trying to get them to open their homes. This can happen to everyone, so a video intercom system will put one more layer of security between you and the scammers.
11 Child Locator

childlocator-150x150Child locators are the newest trend to keep track of your kids, most of all in crowded places. Have you ever been on vacation in Disneyland and tried to keep track of one of more excited little ones? It’s almost impossible without either kids or parents getting seriously frustrated.

This little gadget has two parts – one that you fasten for example to your kid’s shoe, and another one you keep. When you activate yours, the one your child is wearing will produce a sound that you’re able to hear even at some distance.


12 Magnetic Door Alarm
magneticdooralarm-150x150Magnetic door alarms can be ideal for someone who doesn’t want to install an entire alarm system, or for someone who wants to go the extra mile.

They are extremely easy to install, one half on the door jamb and the other half on the door itself. When it’s activated and someone opens the door, it produces a sound that is so loud that you want to crawl under the next table. It’s guaranteed to deter anyone from coming in who’s not supposed to!

13 Baby Monitor with Wireless Night Vision Camera

childmonitor-150x150All parents are used to the kind of nagging worry you feel when you and your baby aren’t in the same place. Of course there are baby monitors to tell you when your little one is crying and needs your attention. This new kind of monitor lets you see your baby as well, even with the lights off. You can make sure that everything is as it should be, or simply watch it sleep.

14 Tasers

taser-150x150Tasers can save your life. They will incapacitate any assailant without actually harming them in the long run. You and your family will feel safe and secure even if you’re out after dark.

In most states, you’re able to carry a taser without needing permission. They can be a great alternative if you don’t want to have firearms in the house.

15 Parental Controls
parentalcontrols-150x150Parental controls seem like such an easy thing. Parents use it most of the time so that their child won’t stumble upon inappropriate content on the net, or to limit their computer time.

What many don’t think about is that through blocking these sites and forums, you can also protect your children from internet predators who pose as children and try to lure your child in.
Source: bioprepper.com

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