BREAKING:Air-Raid Sirens in San Diego and Tacoma; Fighter Jets Seen Scrambling, Reports of “Explosion Sounds”

3:24 AM EDT 13 October 2016 — Numerous reports began filtering into SuperStation95 about two hours ago that air raid sirens were blaring in San Diego, CA, with one reader sending us cellphone video of the sirens sounding!  The San Diego information says that “numerous” fighter jets were scrambled into the air “on full after-burner.”  The brief cell phone video appears below.

Additional reports are also coming in say “numerous” helicopters are being launched from Camp Pendleton in California, far more than is typical for late at night.



More reports coming in from the Tacoma, WA area, saying Joint Base Lewis-McChord outside of Tacoma has air-raid sirens blaring, “sounds of explosions similar to artillery firing”, and numerous helicopters airborne and heading west.


Twitter is also starting to light-up with posts about such events:





Whatever is taking place is also apparently involving Canada.  We now have additional reports of Air raid sirens near Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton, Ontario on the eastern seaboard.



Additional Reports of Fighter Jets being scrambled from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina!

We have no information from any official source as to why this is taking place.  We are endeavoring to find out more. . .

Please check back.

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One thought on “BREAKING:Air-Raid Sirens in San Diego and Tacoma; Fighter Jets Seen Scrambling, Reports of “Explosion Sounds”

  1. If you live near an AF base , you see fighters taking off all the time , and the military is never going to give you any accurate information about those flights . The same will be true of the airbase on Fort Lewis . Mchord AF base , and Fort Lewis Army base are both right next door to Tacoma .

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