BREAKING:China Deploys Nuke Subs to US West Coast; Invokes Defense Treaty with Russia

China has invoked Article 9 of the Sino-Russian Treaty of Friendship (FCT) notifying Russia that they have begun offensive/defensive military movements to protect national interests – including the deployment of a flotilla of attack submarines to the west coast of America.

China’s announcement comes just one day after President Xi Jinping warned President Obama that the two countries were perilously close to war: “China will firmly safeguard the sovereignty and related rights in the South China Sea and will not accept any freedom of navigation as an excuse to undermine China’s sovereignty and national security interests.”

Article 9 of this treaty, states that: “When a situation arises in which one of the contracting parties deems that peace is being threatened and undermined or its security interests are involved or when it is confronted with the threat of aggression, the contracting parties shall immediately hold contacts and consultations in order to eliminate such threats.”


In the formal PRC government document invoking Article 9 of this treaty, delivered under diplomatic pouch international legal protections and procedures to Security Council (SC) Chairman President Putin, this report continues, Chinese authorities state that their vital national interests are now under immediate threat due to:


  • Continued military provocation(s) against the PRC by the United States in the South China Sea.
  • A direct threat of nuclear war made against the PRC by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and resulting preparations by the United States, and its allies to “intervene/interfere” in.

Immediately coinciding with the PRC’s invoking Article 9 of the FTC, China also made an immediate economic protectionist move against the United States and its allies by imposing a new tax system on all overseas purchases—which, ironically, billionaire US presidential candidate Donald Trump had threatened to do against the Chinese if he was elected.

Medical-Prepper-SurvivalAnalysts contributing to this report say China’s “preparations for conflict” with the United States include their military setting up “non-war” units able to evacuate their citizens from foreign territories, establishing a massive military base in the Horn of Africa to counter American aggression in the Middle East, and their deployment of the world’s longest range nuclear missile.

As per the protocol and procedures to be followed once Article 9 was invoked by the PRC, Russia Security Council Chairman President Putin directed the MoD and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to immediately begin all needed steps to “ameliorate/alleviate” this conflict and to, likewise, assess its potential to harm the national interests of the Federation and take all necessary means needed to protect the citizens of Russia both at home and in potential war zones.

A rather lengthy conclusion to this report written by MoD intelligence analysts shockingly states that the American peoples knowledge of this conflict is nearly non-existent, in spite of the many warnings issued to them about it these past few weeks—including US Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work announcing that the Obama administration would not recognize any air defense identification zone that China might proclaim in the South China Sea, and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius warning that “the US is heading toward a dangerous showdown in China.”


Kurt Campbell, the former US Assistant Secretary of State for Asia, perhaps, gave the most accurate warning to the American people about this coming war by stating “This isn’t Pearl Harbor, but if people on all sides aren’t careful, it could be ‘The Guns of August.’” Campbell was referring to the Pulitzer prize winning book by Barbara Tuchman on the events that led up to World War I, which led to the deaths of 17 million people—a miniscule amount when compared to the hundreds-of-millions, if not billons, who will die in World War III.

by U.S. Reporter

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  1. China YOU don’t own the OCEAN!!!! The whole world does and you just can’t build a Base on a piece of coral and say it’s YOURS!!!! So back OFF and Play nice OH!!! I forgot your Chinese don’t know how to play nice only your ancestors would be very mad at you and the people of the world be mad at the leaders of Communist Dictators because you haven’t learned anything over the last 2,000 years on how to live with the FREE world and not slave your staving people like North Korea is doing.

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