Breaking News: Massive Bio-Terror Attack Planned on America

soviet-bio-weapons-2This is an emergency broadcast of the Common Sense Show and the Red List News. Make this go viral. Paul Martin’s insider sources are telling him that a massive bio-terror attack is being planned, which will be followed by martial law. Additionally, the citizens of Ft. Collins would be wise to look at what’s goings on at the former college football home of Colorado State’s Hughes Field. Speculation, as you will hear in the following video, is that Hughes Field will be an emergency medical facility for mass casualties or it is a FEMA camp conversion project. It is my belief that the events at Hughes Field are related to this latest bio-terror threat.



Do we now know the true purpose for these coffins?

Further, cell phones are going down, as the covert first responders are being equipped with satellite phones. FEMA coffins are being stockpiled and there are multiple briefings taking place.  Continuity of government is about to be enforced (ie martial law) and Paul’s main source said “when martial law comes down, where you are at, is where you will stay”.

Paul Martin’s report is no joke and needs to be taken very seriously.  I was warned about this almost 4 years ago when I was told by an ex-FEMA official, who bugged out with like-minded friends, that if America could not be subjugated, TPTB were going to spray us with deadly chemicals that the world has never seen. My FEMA contact specialty was counter-bio-terrorism.

History has shown us many times that it can all fly away in a split of a second.The biggest misstep that you can take now is to think that this can never happen in America or to you!

Call me old fashioned; I don’t care…but I completely believe in America and what our ancestors stood for.They all had a part in turning this land into one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Many died and suffered before a creative mind found an ingenious solution to maybe a century old problem. Believe it or not, our ancestors skills are all covered in American blood. This is why these must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same for our children and our children’s children.Our ancestors laid the bricks and built the world’s strongest foundation…that we are about to -irreversibly forget! I don’t want to see our forefathers’ knowledge disappear into the darkness of time…and if you care for your family…and what America stands for…then neither should you! Watch the video below and learn more:

lost way JPG(1)


by Dave Hodges

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