BREAKING NEWS: West Coast Quake Danger Today? This Week?

For the past two weeks, the Pacific Tectonic Plate has been smashing Asia and South America with large earthquakes.  Is the USA next? It could be.

The image above, from the US Geological Survey, shows “Significant” earthquakes for the past 30 days.  Notice where one hasn’t struck yet?  The US west coast.

The major activity began in Russia with a Magnitude 6.4


Location 54.333°N 162.799°E

Depth 31.3 km


USGS Report Here

That seemed to have triggered the Pacific Tectonic Plate to shift to the south and smash into Vanuatu, a small island chain in the South Pacific.  They got hit with a Magnitude 6.9


Location 14.352°S 166.821°E

Depth 35.0 km

USGS Report Here


Three days later, Vanuatu got it again, with a Magnitude 6.7


Location 14.082°S 166.598°E

Depth 24.0 km

The very next day, Vanuatu got slammed yet a THIRD time, also a Magnitude 6.7


Location 13.994°S 166.571°E

Depth 26.8 km

It took seven days for the Pacific Tectonic Plate to move and when it did, it seems to have moved to the north, northwest, because that’s when Japan started getting hit – and hit hard.  It started with a Magnitude 6.2


Location 32.849°N 130.635°E

Depth 10.0 km

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Two and a half HOURS later, another hit in Japan, this one a Magnitude 6.0


Location 32.693°N 130.732°E

Depth 6.0 km

Six HOURS after that, it got worse, Japan got suffered a Magnitude 6.4


Location 14.523°S 166.352°E

Depth 16.0 km

Eighteen HOURS after that, things got MUCH worse, when a Magnitude 7.0 struck


Location 32.782°N 130.726°E

Depth 10.0 km

Twenty MINUTES after that, a Magnitude 5.7 hit again


Location 32.880°N 130.846°E

Depth 10.0 km

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It was this final 7.0 and 5.7 that seem to have hurled the Pacific Tectonic Plate to the east because one day later, Ecuador got utterly smashed by a whopping Magnitude 7.8 (eight times worse than Japan)


Location 0.371°N 79.940°W

Depth 19.2 km

At this point, if Plate Tectonics is any kind of science at all, one would think that it would be a guessing game as to whether or not the plate would move back toward Japan.  But something else took place that gives a hint of what the plate is doing. The Colima Volcano in Mexico began spewing steam and smoke.  That means something underground is putting pressure on the chamber beneath the volcano.  Given the location of the Colima Volcano, it isn’t rocket science to conclude that the pressure is coming from the Pacific Tectonic Plate.

The map below shows the location of the 7.8 earthquake, the location of the Colima Volcano and thus gives an indication of the direction the Pacific Tectonic Plate is now moving. North – Northwest . . . toward California. (Click image to enlarge)


Given the facts as shown above, it seems appropriate to alert folks along the West Coast of North America, specifically California, Oregon and Washington, that they may be in for a bumpy ride over the next few days to a week.


We are merely applying the facts of what has taken place, with a little common sense and speculating about what MIGHT be coming next.  It is not certain.


Don’t go off, half-cocked, and start calling authorities about a coming earthquake because  the simple fact is, we DO NOT KNOW if one is actually coming.  And there’s nothing the authorities could do about it anyway!

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Just bear in mind what has taken place around the world recently and realize that the very same Tectonic Plate that caused all the trouble in Japan and Ecuador, also connects with the west coast of the USA, and folks should be prepared in the event of a large earthquake within the next few days to a week.

by U.S.Reporter

2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: West Coast Quake Danger Today? This Week?

  1. Hey guys thanks for the info, I curious why nothing north of the 49th parallel is going to be effected? Is there something in the ground or water system that diffuses earthquakes in Canada? Or is it simply the purity of the Canadian spirit that ignites the mercy & simpathy of tectonic forces. Thanks I’m genuinely curious

    1. I am curious also. Live in Alaska and don’t hear about anything above California. What about us. Oh yeah we are not part of North America. We are International.

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