BREAKING: TRIPLE Hurricane Threat for U.S. East Coast – 10 days

The National Hurricane Center is presently tracking one confirmed Tropical Storm, “Fiona” in the Atlantic, and two more “Tropical Waves” off western Africa; which could turn into THREE east coast Hurricanes during the week!

This Triple Threat of potential Hurricane strikes is shaping up for the East Coast of the United States and one report says “10 Days to Impact.”


Tropical Storm “Fiona” is presently in the Atlantic, southeast of Bermuda, moving to the North, Northwest.  According to the report below, Fiona is going to strike New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and head up toward Boston.

Behind “Fiona” is a storm presently called “Invest 99L”  The report below shows this forming into a major Hurricane, and slamming into North and South Caorlina.

Behind that second storm is a THIRD area “of investigation” and according to the report below, this has the potential to be a MAJOR Hurricane.


Watch the report below for details, then decide if you think it is wise to get some emergency supplies to see you through if these storm strike.

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: TRIPLE Hurricane Threat for U.S. East Coast – 10 days

  1. 11Pm news says Fiona fell part if it reforms it will go into gulf pAST SOUTH FLORISA NO HARM TO ANYONE. 99l curving out to compensates of @Atlantic open waters. No threat to anyone. South Africa may form but not sure

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