BREAKING:Magnitude 4.1 Earthquake Strikes Cascadia Subduction Zone! USGS Fails to Report; Leaves Oregon Citizens Unaware

A magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck in the dangerous Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) off the coast of Oregon as follows:

Date          Time (UT)  Lat        Lon    Depth    Mag  Felt?      Region
2016/09/15 01:07:06    44.09 128.42    10.0       4.1    No    583 km SSW of Ucluelet,BC


The initial report of this incident was issued by Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian government’s earthquake reporting entity, even though the quake took place off the coast of Oregon.

For an unknown reason, the United States Geological Survey (USGS), which Americans fund with hundreds of millions of dollars per year, FAILED to report this dangerous occurrence which took place in the single most dangerous earthquake zone in America.

Worse, the USGS, ignored several “forecasts” of pending earthquakes in that region, which were issued by several experts! It is believed the USGS and its local partner, the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, are omitting the existence of the quake to ignore the new science of earthquake forecasting – which USGS says is “impossible.”


Here is the link to Natural Resources Canada which reports the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake:


Here is a screenshot of the Canadian report about the CSZ Earthquake:


If you utilize the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates shown in the Canadian Report, and enter them into Google, they will show you WHERE the quake occurred:


One of the experts who forecast this earthquake has produced a video documenting the quake and the apparent cover-up by the USGS.  The video appears below:

Why didn’t the USGS report this earthquake?

Is this earthquake a “foreshock” and a signal of a much larger earthquake to come?

Why isn’t the mass media reporting this?  Why are the people of Oregon being left completely unaware?


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