Electricity-Free Underground Fridge Can Reduce Your Utility Bill AND Save The Environment

Fresh and modern in its design, the underground fridge is basically an innovative version of the traditional root cellar.

Whether you’re interested in lessening your burden on the environment or are prepping for doomsday, you’re sure to favor the plans of an underground cooling system – aka underground fridge – which keeps produce and fine wines from spoiling before their time.


The Ground Fridge, as it is called, was invented by Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek for the company Weltevree. Its purpose is to cool and store foods at a low temperature – no electricity required.

Fresh and modern in its design, the underground fridge is basically an innovative version of the traditional root cellar. As Contemporist reports, it was designed “for the new cosmopolitan with its own vegetable garden and a modern self-sufficient existence.”

GroundFridge2-768x845According to the designer, modern houses are often built without a basement while a lot of people nowadays feel the need for one. Focused on eating healthy and preparing for the future, more and more people are opting to grow their own food and/or buy in bulk at the local organic farmer.

GroundFridge4-768x1152With the Ground Fridge, people are granted the basement they desire to store food rations and other supplies. Wooden shelves are included.

GroundFridge5-768x1152The temperature in the fridge remains stable year-round between 10 and 12° C. This is the ideal temperature to store fruit, vegetables, wine, and cheese.

GroundFridge8-768x543As is clear in the design, the spherical structure is buried and covered with the excavated earth. Because the layer of soil is about one meter thick, the container is insulated so the fridge barely varies.

GroundFridge6-768x512GroundFridge7-768x1151Perhaps the best part? No permit is required to place the Ground Fridge, and no soil needs to be displaced.

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