Endless Hot Water Without Electricity

Hot Water

This is a very nice and inexpensive way to have hot water in a grid down situation. No electricity required and very easy to build. Using a thermal siphon pumping a rocket stove  and a reservoir. This technique uses a copper coil  to heat the water, so I will post the second DIY video about bending copper tubing without kinking it as well. Anyway, this is a very useful way to have hot water in a grid down situation (and not only) but, an alternative and more reliable way to get hot water without electricity is using a Bio-gas Generator . Bio-gas is a gas composed of anaerobic micro-organisms through the process of anaerobic digestion. That means you can get any kind of organic waste, put it in a bio-gas digester  and turn it into bio-gas, that includes  even dead leaves, grass, human and animal waste and so on. Read more about this here

The obtained gas can be used to so many things like;

  • Fueling a heating water system
  • Power up an electricity generator
  • Heating your home
  • Fueling a cooking stove in your kitchen
  • And can be even transformed to fuel for your car
  • Power up an Aquaponic system for an 100% self sustained and organic way to grow your veggies.

To learn more about this cool DIY watch this video

Now, lets get back to our initial project. The first video show how this work and how you need to set it up, and the next video is about  bending the copper tubing, a very useful trick for many projects as well. Enjoy and please spreed this awesome techniques.

Bending the copper tubing

By AllSelfSustained

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