Former CIA Operator Steve Pieczenik: “Nibiru is Real, and Hillary Knows”

Former CIA operator Dr. Steve Pieczenik has surfaced from the shadow world to warn American citizens about a clandestine coup instigated by the Clinton campaign. Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD, is a psychiatrist, former United States Department of State official, author, and publisher. He Studied at Cornell, Harvard, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; his credentials are unimpeachable.  He alsonibiru-300x150 worked as a spook, a psychological intelligence officer, with the Central Intelligence Agency. Last week, he published a YouTube video asserting that he—and other former intelligence operatives—is currently involved in an electronic counter-coup to prevent Hillary Clinton from reaching the White House. According to Pieczenik, he and his associates provided WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with the controversial emails that have mired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Moreover, our Washington source, a former Federal agent and friend of Dr. Pieczenik, provided alarming information on yet unreleased Clinton emails. He spoke privately with Dr. Pieczenik, and learned a truth that could shake the world to its core.


“We have yet to provide Assange with all the emails,” Pieczenik told our source. “Nibiru is real, and Hillary Clinton knows about it.” A “top secret” email, siphoned from Clinton’s controversial private email server, paints a sinister picture, proving that Clinton helped orchestrate a Nibiru dis-information campaign while she served as Secretary of State in 2010.

The Clinton authored email was sent to Frank Podesta and Huma Abedin. It outlined a comprehensive, sinister plan to employ dis-information specialists to psychologically influence public opinion about Nibiru, said to be a brown dwarf star and seven orbiting planets on a near collision course with Earth.

An excerpt from the unreleased email reads: “According to latest NASA/NSA research, the object currently known as Nibiru/Planet X is rapidly approaching the inner solar system. Its effects are being felt on the planet already. We must contain this until the last possible moment. Please immediately use all possible, plausible sources to discourage people from believing such a threat exists. To sway/condition opinion, sources must infiltrate/coopt commonly accessed internet forums/websites.”

The 5,000-word email contains additional information on Nibiru’s threat to planet Earth, including, our source says, an expected date of arrival.

“When I spoke to Dr. Pieczenik, he was gravely concerned,” our source said. “He has information that will cripple Hillary’s campaign. The nibiru-nowe-300x169Nibiru information is his ‘ace in the hole.’  He and his people are guarding this information with their lives.”

Pieczenik and his team are eager to scuttle Hillary’s presidential bid, but admit hesitation at releasing the ‘Nibiru email’ because Donald Trump has promised to denudate the three-decade cover-up if he wins the election.

“We would rather Trump or Putin address this issue,” Dr. Pieczenik confessed. “But if necessary, we have taken steps to ensure this information goes public prior to Election Day. We have faith in both Donald Trump and President Putin.”

Dr. Piecznick and his team have taken drastic measures not only to ensure the truth goes public but also to guarantee the safety of his friends, family, and associates.  He sent his family to an unnamed non-extradition country to protect them from Clinton retaliation.

“We will closely watch the electoral map and the polls,” Dr. Pieczenick said. “Two days before the election, if it appears that Hillary will steal it, we will forward the Nibiru to Assange.”



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