How an Old Swimming Pool Feeds an Entire Family and Changes the Way We Look at Food

Drought, climate conditions, and pollution are major factors concerning agriculturists. Drought can be overcome with drought-resistant plants, climate-controlled environments can isolate a grow from any environmental factors, and local organic grows can greatly reduce pollution from pesticides and transportation. One family in Phoenix, Arizona responded to the world’s agriculture issues and ensuing food crisis with their own self-sufficient pool farm.


Dennis and Danielle McClung began by placing an emphasis on producing their own sustainable grow and ended up with an elaborate backyard ecosystem made out of a swimming pool.

The Garden Pool featured a closed-loop ecosystem where tilapia, algae, and duckweed flourished alongside broccoli and sweet potatoes. McClung’s goal was to feed a family of five and within a calendar year, their Garden Pool saved the family 75 percent on their grocery bills.

The Garden Pool incredibly is able to incorporate solar power, water conservation, poultry farming, aquaculture, hydroponic gardening, organic horticulture, aquaponics, biofiltration, thermal mass, and permaculture. What began as a backyard experiment is now officially a 501(c)3  charitable nonprofit organization for sustainable food production, research, and education.

The Garden pool is one of a kind but could potentially serve as a model for anyone and everyone looking to start their own garden. Whether you are thinking of converting an old pool or not, the Garden Pool website is a legitimate source for ideas and information to start you on your journey. Check out the video below to see what Dennis McClung has to say about Garden Pools.



by Jonathan Schoenfeld

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