How to Make Raised Garden Beds Out of Pallets

Raised beds are an excellent choice if you are considering installing a vegetable garden. There are many advantages of raised beds compared to a traditional plot. Furthermore raised beds can be constructed for practically free if you can source some clean pallets. As the video below demonstrates, look for a “HT” stamp on pallets which indicates that the wood was treated with heat instead of fumigation. Avoid using pallets stamped with “MB” as they are not safe for growing edible plants due to leeching of chemically-treated wood.

Other than a little elbow grease, you will need some screws or nails to hold your beds together. The video below will show you how to disassemble pallets, plan, measure, and construct raised beds using repurposed pallet wood. You can’t afford NOT to get started on this quick project that will reward you will fresh produce for  years and years.


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