How to Survive Anarchy and a Collapse of America … SHTF From Hell

In a real-world Hunger Games, life will be all about survival. Here’s how to survive widespread chaos and anarchy, following a collapse of modern day America — however that may happen.

Life turned upside down. Riots. Looting. Anarchy.

It’s going to take a lot more than just a few survival tools to stay alive in a time of mass-chaos as this. In many areas — danger at just about every turn. Are you going to be able to survive when murder and mayhem are unleashed across the landscape?Today I hope to point you in the right direction. This just might keep you alive. Or I might get you killed. Depends on the situation. You might want to pay close attention.

SHTF From Hell

Survive A Complete Collapse

There’s a lot of worry about the threats our world faces today — which is one reason we continue to see movies and television shows set around a story of widespread disaster — such as one of several shows to air on television in recent years. Some of you may recall NBC Revolution.The attitude making it’s way to television and movies reflects what a lot of people feel is brewing in world events currently. We may truly be on the brink of a collapse of civilization as we know it. The fact is, a lot of people are feeling that way; that we may see widespread disaster in the next few years; catastrophic disaster. News stories of massive natural disasters and threats from terrorists and rogue governments each year continue to add fuel to the fire.

More and more people expect a catastrophe of some sort to take place — and many people are preparing for that, maybe a bit like Noah prepared when God told him to build an Ark several thousand years ago because a flood was coming.

In the Wake of Catastrophe

We’ve covered a lot of topics on this site — many having to do with simply being prepared for disaster.

This article is going to take us to the days and weeks after a catastrophic disaster where the damage and desperation is so widespread that it’s clear that something truly horrible has taken place.Life will be all about survival.

Right now I can tell you about great survival tools but these are useless if you don’t have any knowledge about what it takes to actually survive.

What I’m going to talk about next is an important survival skill that if used effectively may keep you alive and out of danger again and again.

Ready to survive?

Be Ready and Able to Move Fast and Cover a Lot of Ground

Let’s say the day of disaster strikes and the world as we know it is turned upside down in just a few short days.Massive terror attacks. Natural disasters. Riots. Looting.


It’s important to know this — even if disaster and terror attacks and riots and looting are taking place many miles away, your life may still be in danger — though you may not feel like it at first.

Expect danger to be headed your way. That way it doesn’t catch you off guard when it arrives.

Danger in Many Forms

It might be 250 outlaw bikers rolling into town to help themselves to whatever’s left on store shelves and set on fire and maim anyone who gets in their way or just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. (I’m talking about “one percenters” with a real mean streak — a lot of bikers are good people, including former military, and would be good to have on your side.)It might be a weapon-wielding mob of 5,000 pissed off gang-members and their cohorts from a nearby city abandoning their neighborhood having heard that there would be food and shelter in the suburbs.

Or you may find out that a terrorist cell had been planted in your community (one of many across the U.S.) — communicating with one another prior to the day of disaster through multiple jihadist websites — and now they were systematically going from house to house, dragging families out and executing them, one by one… Until the town or city was theirs; local police hunted down and executed — no match for the firepower wielded by these jihadist terror groups, many with military training from nations such as Iran and Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq, Somalia and Libya.

People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks 150 years ago did it.These guys were the last generation to practice basic things-for a living-that we call survival skills now.

Are you ready to turn back the clocks to the 1800s for up to three years?

Because this is what will happen after the next SHTF event.

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Fight or Flight

If events come to your neighborhood and conflict erupts nearby, don’t rush into the middle of it. That’s a great way to get killed, and your family killed also (they’re dependent on you keeping a level-head and staying alive).So at the first sign or sound of chaos coming to your community, take a step back, find a place of concealment, and survey the situation.

What you’re going to see is anarchy. These people causing mayhem have been waiting for this moment all their lives. These people are evil and all they want to do is hurt and maim and kill.

Are you armed, can you fight, do you know how to shoot, and can you save people from a dangerous mob?

Be in prayer about that — the Bible calls us to love our enemies but it also calls us to protect the weak, care for the sick, help the needy. Look to God in prayer — maybe he’s calling you go to the aid of that person who needs help — or maybe he’s not. If you’re one man with just one gun and you’re facing a mob of 50 men that is terrorizing a family — what can you do? You’re just one man. You’ve got just one gun.

As hard as it is to accept — this family is at the mercy of God. You’re not going to be able to save them. Not unless you’re Rambo. And that’s still not a promise. Don’t blow your cover. Stay out of sight.

As they’re beaten by the mob the best thing you can do is make a retreat to safe ground. The mob may leave and maybe later in the day or evening you can return to see if there’s anything you can do to help the family that’s been beaten and left for dead.

But if they’re being murdered one by one don’t hesitate to come to their aid, but do so with a plan of attack in mind.

Taking on the Mob

You can take on this mob but that’s going to call for boldness. Leave your place of concealment, sneak up on the mob as close as you can get, aim your gun at the ring leader, or ring leaders (if it’s clear who they are), and shoot.Don’t take this course of action unless it’s clear that the lives of these people are in danger. No need to kill if it’s just a standard beating, as strange as that is to consider. But if they’re being murdered, about to be murdered, that’s a different story.

There’s an old saying “strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”. If this mob has worked itself into a frenzy and their attention is on the family being attacked, they may not see you walk up, take aim, and start shooting.

Some of them are going to scatter, fearing for their lives. Some may pull guns and shoot back (always assume someone has a gun).

How do you do this without getting yourself shot?

Study the group first before you ever make your move. You may only have 20 seconds to intervene and possibly save this family’s life. So you only have a few seconds to study the group and assess the situation.Are some of the men keeping watch? You’ll never get close enough to shoot the ring leader(s). Don’t even try. Stay hidden.

However, are none of them looking, are all of them caught up with the beating taking place?

Quickly figure out who the most dangerous men are in the group and if you’ve got the guts (and God on your side) make the decision to take aim at two or three and then fire — but don’t waste all your ammo — you may need it to help your get-away.

Take 3 – 5 quick shots at the ring leaders you’ve decided to take aim at and then make a run for it (by the way, you better be fast on your feet… today if you’re not into jogging, running and sprinting as a regular way to stay in shape, re-think that as soon as possible — especially if you’re serious about survival, especially in a widespread catastrophe as has been written about so many times on this website).

Fire and Run, Fire and Run

Being in decent shape and able to run and sprint may easily save your life.If you can escape on foot after taking your shots speed to a place where you can then shoot from cover. What I mean is after taking your opening shots, you turn around and high-tail it for a nearby house or building, turn the corner, stop, and start shooting from the corner at the mob now chasing you. If you can hit the first guy, maybe the second guy, they may scatter and run in different directions, trying to avoid being shot.

That will buy you more time. Continue to flee, as fast as you can. Get 100 yards away, find cover to shoot from, turn and take aim. Any pursuers? Pull the trigger. Let them know they’re in danger if they follow. Turn and run again.


A great survival skill is knowing how to run away from pursuers … how to jump fences, how to hide, how to move, move, move and keep on moving.

The Fugitive

If you want to shake your pursuers you have to have drive — an incredible desire to not be caught. Your brain will throw a switch — fight or flight — in this case it’s flight. You have to get away. This one thought is the only thought you can have. Fear can sometimes be healthy — if it keeps you moving even after you’re tired. But don’t do this on fear. Stay in control. Keep going. Don’t give in to any tired feelings. Now is not the time to rest. You must put as much distance between yourself and danger as possible. Keep moving. Even if it takes a couple days of non stop flight. Run for a while, walk until you catch your breath, start running again.

How Well Do You Know the Terrain?

If you find yourself living in the days following widespread disaster, get to know the land around you as soon as possible and study maps so you have a strategy for making a safe and effective exit to a new location should any danger come to the area. Know this: Evacuation may need to become a way of life for you. There will be too many dangers in the land and more than likely one is coming to your area.Doesn’t matter if you’re in the country or in the city. Get to know the land. Come up with a few different routes should you have to flee the area — don’t just have one exit plan in mind, have more than one should one become compromised, or if you’re cut-off by pursuers.

Running in the Dark

Running in the dark is dangerous. You can fall down a ravine. You can fall into a river and drown. You can run into a tree branch and seriously injure yourself. If you have to run from danger in the darkness, you have a lot of challenges. Now is the time to be careful about where you step and sure about what’s in front of you — if your pursuers don’t have tracking dogs or spotlights you can consider going up a tree and just waiting things out up there. When they give up the search, you can come down. Careful though — did they really give up the search, or do they suspect that you’re up in a tree and now they’re hiding nearby waiting for you to come down and reveal your position?


You should make sure you’re a fair distance away before going up a tree. It wouldn’t be a good idea for your pursuers to hear you in the branches above. Remember, if you’re being chased in the dark there’s a good chance that your pursuers are going to stop and listen… listen for any sign of you… if they don’t hear you running up ahead, they may assume you’ve found a place to hide, and start searching for you. Don’t hide, don’t find a tree to climb, until you’ve put a good distance between you and your pursuers. If you can run quietly / silently you may fool your pursuers into thinking you’ve chosen to hide somewhere if they can’t hear your footsteps up ahead or branches breaking in the woods, etc.

Stay on the Alert

Dangerous days are upon the land. You, your group will always have to be on the alert. You must assume that your lives are constantly in danger — the moment you’re complacent about that is the moment you might die. Dangerous people will be scouring the land, scavengers, looking for food, supplies, and even women and children. There are some seriously sick people in our world. Twisted. Women and children will be in danger of rape, slavery, and worse. If you’re here for this be ready to become a soldier in a war where evil is let loose on the land. Hold firmly to the good — don’t turn to robbery and lies, don’t become desperate, don’t become full of hate as so many are likely to become. Learn to live by faith in God so you can do the right thing at the right time … don’t compromise your values because the world has gone mad. Let the Lord be your light. God will give you courage and ultimately salvation.In military terms it’s said that a lot of people find Christ when they’re in a foxhole and the enemy is closing in or bombs are coming down from the sky. It’s going to be a lot like that in America as well should the terrible day of disaster ever begin, perhaps in the coming months or years. Many are likely to seek God in a time of terror and despair prevalent in the land. But that’s only part of the story — you see, if you find God now before all this takes place — you can escape this time period the Bible says is planned for the world — what is commonly referred to as “The Tribulation”. See: Is the United States in the Bible?

Become the Ultimate Guerrilla Force

If you want to be a survivor take your survival skills to the extreme. Realize that to live safely in the land you’re going to have to either — A) find a remote location that is many miles off the beaten track not accessible by road or easily found by trail — or B) move through the land like a guerrilla force, not fleeing like scared refugees, instead fleeing like soldiers in a war, always on the alert and on the offensive; always staying out of sight, always traveling away from the main roads; careful for traps; careful about crossing into protected-territory where armed militias have posted guards told to shoot anything that moves; able to defend yourself against dangerous wildlife.

Making Contact

There’s a chance that you’re going to come across a group of people that has claimed an area as their own. That area might be a small town or city, or a neighborhood in the hills, or it might be farmland down in a valley. They may be good hearted people and they might open their arms to you once they’ve met you — but you might get shot before they even know who you are. They’re going to be suspicious of anything that moves. They may have been previously victimized and very, very cautious when outsiders come into view. It might be smart to just avoid them all together. Then again, there’s safety in numbers.

Use Discernment

If you do make contact be very, very discerning. Look for signs that these people are truly safe to be around. Don’t be fooled by a den of robbers who may take your life while you sleep if given the chance.Study this group from a distance before ever making contact. Watch them for a couple days. Notice their habits, how they treat one another; who’s the ring leader? What is he like? Of course you’re not likely to get close enough to notice these details but if you’ve managed to get your hands on a good set of binoculars and find a good place of concealment you can study them from a distance before deciding if it’s smart to make contact or not.

Be careful though — traps set to kill / capture wildlife or intruders may have been set around the perimeter of any settlement.

Watch Out for Traps

In a land full of danger people are going to set traps around their camps and settlements. Watch out that you don’t end up in one of these traps. One careless step may be your last — especially if you step into a pit covered with brush with spears sticking up from the bottom of the pit.

Watch Out for Explosives

You may also run into the danger of land mines should any of the locals know how to build bombs. Keep an eye out for warning signs — actual hand painted signs that say “BOMBS” or “DANGER” or something else to this effect. These may be fake signs to scare away trespassers or they might not be. Better safe than sorry and to exercise caution.In the end, if you’re going to make contact, you may want to do so from the open road, rather than staking them out from the perimeter of their camp. Put all your weapons down and if you have something white (good luck, everything you have is likely to be covered by dirt by now), you can try waiving it over your head in the universal symbol of surrender. Hopefully the group will realize that you don’t mean any harm. Don’t reach for any weapons or dig through any of your belongings. Stand still with your hands raised high. Let them see that you are harmless.

Some Things to Consider

In the end, there are any number of events that could take place, any number that could cost you your life should you take the wrong course of action. This article really only covers a general idea of one line of events. Sometimes it may be safer to be holed up deep inside an abandoned building, especially at night, rather than out in the countryside. In other places you may find it safer to spend life high in the trees — not so much because of dangers from bandits on the ground but potentially dangers from wildlife, if you find that there is some dangerous wildlife in the land.Start thinking about that tree-fort you always wanted to build back when you were a kid. It might be just the thing you need to keep you high off the ground in the evening hours when predators are prowling the land below.

Finally, if all hell breaks loose, if society falls, I suggest you make yourself some friends as soon as possible, and immediately start talking about ways your new friends can protect each other. Spend a few hours a day in mock drills, a lot like the military, or perhaps a guerrilla force that has rebelled against the powers that be to fight from the mountains. Don’t waste too much ammunition on training in the days following disaster but do make sure you can shoot if your group decides to arm itself with guns. Move like trained soldiers. Use hand signals to communicate without words — when silence is called for.

Apocalypse Bootcamp

Train with scenarios in mind, such as how to fight 100 armed gang members or a heavily armed drug cartel (neither of these are a smart fight, better to vacate at first opportunity) or you may even face off with a group of foreign soldiers from another nation that has decided to make a grab for America, which now has no government, no paid military, and no nuclear defenses.What? You didn’t expect to have to deal with the Chinese, Russian, North Korean, Iranian, or Latin American army? You can bet that if our government falls powerful nations in the world are going to make a grab for as much land as they can get their hands on — using people and weapons that may already be here.

America is a land rich in resources like oil and natural gas. We are rich. We have resources. You can bet that there are world leaders discussing America’s resources even as I write this article, and they’ve been discussing it for quite some time. You are going to see foreign armies come to power. It might not be immediately but it is likely to occur at some point after America’s fall… if that day should come.

Our military is likely to scatter. Some may stay on and swear allegiance to the new powers that be. Some will be executed. Many are likely to be imprisoned. Others will flee for the hills taking their military skills and a few guns with them. Keep an eye out — just maybe you’ll be able to join up with a few former American soldiers. If they have their heads on straight and hearts set on what is right they may make great team members.

If they don’t … if they choose the dark-side rather than living for the Lord … they may be dangerous. Very dangerous.

May God grant you understanding and strength should you be here for the dark days ahead coming to this world.


by Mark Lawrence

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  1. I’m afraid we as a nation will have to suffer, before it will get better. Freedom isn’t free and a large population has forgotten our heritage……..

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