Is the American food supply chain collapsing?

The word of the month is “transitory.” Inflation, supply chain woes, and other problems are all going away soon, we are told – except for the fact that they are not.

The supply chain crisis with food alone is much worse than the mainstream media is letting on, despite all of the rosy language being used to try to quell the panic. This is according to Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog, who says that an industry insider spilled the beans to him about how serious things really are.

This insider, who is said to run a grocery store in Maine, says things are worse than he has ever seen. His exact words were that he has “never seen anything close to what is happening now.”

In an email, this person, who says he has been self-employed for 25 years and runs an independent IGA-affiliated grocery store along the coast of Maine, explains that supply chain problems are real and that orders are seriously backed up.

“My supplier has limited us on orders for about a month now (limited the physical number of cases we can order),” the email explains.

“Their issue is / was mainly the help crisis in their warehouse … order pickers and truck drivers. Same story everywhere, I know.”

“Covid” was always about destroying the world’s economies

We have been covering this situation for months now, only to watch it worsen by the day.

Many are hoping that things will just get better somehow, but it would appear as though the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) really is bringing about an engineered economic collapse, followed by a great reset.

The grocery store operator says that there is a “very limited” supply of Gatorade, for instance, and that getting gallon-size water bottles “is sketchy at best.”

“Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t,” he says. “I’ve not seen many supply issues in produce, rather poor quality issues there. Much more than normal. Deli / bakery … yes, lots of out of stocks and ‘long term unavailable’ as my supplier likes to word it on the invoice.”

As for the center aisles full of dry grocery products, the store operator says there are “tons of out of stocks.” And meat, though “fair” in quantity, is now “extremely high” in price.

“Shockingly high to me,” he says. “The middle class is slowly being destroyed with these price hikes … death by 1,000 cuts of sorts, I guess.”

Frito-Lay products are down in supply by as much as 45 percent, the store operator added, along with a 30 percent out of stock average for Nabisco products. Pepperidge Farm cookies are down about half, and liquor out of stocks are averaging about 30 percent.

“This commodity was ALWAYS 99.5 to 100% fill rate over the years … always,” he emphasized about the liquor supply.

“These folks all work on commission … if they don’t (or can’t) sell it to me … they don’t get paid. Or get paid less.”

Because Maine is a “blue” state controlled by a Democrat governor and two Democrat-controlled houses, the store operator worries that things will get even worse in the event of another mask mandate and lockdown, which he believes is “on the verge” of happening.

“A lockdown of sorts would not surprise me again as we move into the colder months,” he writes. “I come to work every day just holding my breath for what is next … for our business and the 35 people I employ here in Maine.”

According to new data, beef reserves in the United States are down about 7.7 percent compared to a year ago in August. Poultry supplies are down about 20 percent and pork bellies, which are sliced into bacon are down 44 percent, which is the lowest level since 2017.

source : Ethan Huff

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