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A few years ago, before I heard about preppers, I was a prepper.

There was a storm that knocked out the power to our neighborhood. That meant no electricity and no water.

I always have a least a dozen gallons of water and lots of food for “just in case”. I found an old glass percolator coffee pot and my gas camp stove and we soon had coffee and tea. The neighbors smelled the coffee and started coming. I made several pots of coffee as the pot was quite small. I was able to cook all our meals either on the camp stove or the grill.

This went on for 6 days. While it was still raining. I told the neighbor next door to catch water from his down spouts. He replied he would do it later. I said you have to do it when it’s raining. They had 5 kids and were going through what little water they had very quickly.

We got tired of this after a while so “bugged out” to our cabin in northern Minnesota only to find the electricity was out there also.

Eventually we had to take the frozen food out of the freezer to my parents, who lived in a different area.

We were prepared. Now we are preppers, we are much better prepared.

This as all before “Preppers”

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