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I’m new to the whole arena of prepping so don’t really have much to share. We felt that although our resources are limited, we needed to start somewhere.

Our plans are to “bug-in” since I’m older in years and less able to get around than I was.

We are stockpiling food and medical supplies a little at a time as well as a host of things we could probably use should the SHTF scenario materialize.

About the biggest things we’ve done so far are:

1. Drilled a well for fresh water. We live in an area of no wells and our well is not visible. This should keep us safer from unfriendly opportunistic types.

2. Started developing aquaponics setup (all indoors). We’ve started with a multitude of aquarium fish tanks I’ve collected over the years and will probably expand from there as you can’t get a large quantity of food fish in a 55 gallon tank. Right now, the fish are mostly ornamental but the vegetables are delicious. We primarily grow salad greens, tomatoes, and peppers. We’ll be trying carrots and squash with the next tank.

3. Finally, the entire family has taken self-defense lessons as well as firearms training. We expect to hone our camping type skills next.

That’s about it.

Hope this inspires someone – you don’t have to start big – you just have to start.

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