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Our city was getting a lot of rain and spring run off from the mountains as well. The city water system was being overwhelmed. The status on the city water was often mentioned on the news – suggesting that soon the water may not be fit to drink.

Although I keep several gallons of water for drinking on hand in case of an emergency, I also filled my “water bob” with water ahead of time. This huge water grade plastic bag rests in the tub and is filled in the tub – it keeps the water clean and protected.

Sure enough, the water advisory was announced – it was not safe to drink or cook with. There was a run on water at all the stores, they were sold out of water in no time. People were posting on social media “where can I get water?” – this happened in a matter of hours. A simple water emergency and people were panicking within hours.

I didn’t have to go to the store or spend any money. I had enough water in my home not only for ourselves, but also for our 2 son’s families.

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