Power Grid Destruction Of The Third – And Worst – Kind


By now, we all know about the potential catastrophic dangers of the high electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) from terrorists or WWIII, and likely solar flare events. Some preppers take it seriously and plan for it by taking certain measures and precautions to protect their equipment and electrical necessities.

The rest of us take a chance on the unlikelihood of terrorists getting their hands on enough sophisticated electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs or delivery methods.

And the fact that unless old sun actually whips the mother of all coronal mass ejections on us, no one knows for sure how bad it will be and there’s even a chance that most of the electrically civilized world will still survive, especially on the side not facing the sun.

libgenSo based on the tenuous imminence factor of the event potential, most people just go on with the preoccupation of their personal comfort zones, secure in their normalcy bias, counting on the odds being in their favor, and don’t think about it anymore.

But what if I told you there’s another guaranteed way the electrical grid will collapse, leaving us all without major power for years, while we struggle to survive the aftermath? And it has nothing to with chance, because it has already started! And when it’s finished, the currently unimaginable scenario of massive devastating power outages will become a nightmare we might never wake up from.

The Danger from the Inside

What if I told you that if you believe that the radical Islamic State enemies of the West will stop at nothing to take down America, then they wouldn’t need a complicated and not necessarily foolproof HEMP weapon of mass destruction?

What if they already had the weapon of mass electrical grid destruction right here and now in this country? And that all that had to be done is to trigger a simple electrical kill switch to implement the catastrophic collapse of our grid, and subsequently the economy and everything else as we knew it? And that this weapon is our own government?

But here’s the worst part. There’s nothing that authorities or anyone can do to prevent this from happening at this point. Not all seeing and intruding massive spying on the public by a totalitarian government. Not the pervasive institution of Police state control. Because in reality, the government is actually facilitating this attack!

Instead of beefing up and protecting the outside intrusion factor in national security, this government allows and even sanctions and encourages free and easy access by terrorists to our country by its official immigration policies and its lack of proactive physical perimeter security.

Instead of doing good old fashion police work in profiling and tracking specific activities and indicators the way all good detectives used to do, the DHS and its feckless fools are hell bent more on restricting our freedoms by massive citizen privacy intrusions and illegal spying on everybody because of their Marxist gun control and asset seizure agendas.

And they are doing this virtually ignoring basic police techniques that don’t require ubiquitous registration and surveillance of all free American citizens.

How Is This Happening and How Bad Will It Be?

Shortly after April 16th 2014 when the incident occurred in the early am hours, a private independent outside think thank consultant/analyst I know, like many others on the standby payroll, was contacted for their opinion on a highly suspicious criminal damage act that took place in Silicon Valley California.

A power transformer substation like you see everywhere enclosed in chain link fencing was shot up with enough rifle fire to destroy it. It only took a few minutes of firing. Empty assault weapon casings were found at the scene but local police investigating found no finger prints or DNA on the empty shell cases as if they were ”sanitized” before loading in the weapons magazines.

If it was not for the good fortune that this particular substation’s power dispersion could be backed up and re-routed electronically by engineers, a good part of the valley would have been without power for as long as the entire month it took to repair the damage.

To this day, nobody has been caught and the official FBI investigation reports it as ”an act of vandalism”. The independent analyst studied the information details and sent his encrypted evaluation to the contact office. From his extensive experience in this particular venue, the conclusion was obvious to him.

It wasn’t a bunch of nitwit drunken vandals out to destroy something just for the fun of it. And it wasn’t disgruntled power company employee.

It was a textbook example of something government special operations units have been doing for decades. Commando type guerilla warfare attack on critical infrastructure designed to cripple large populated areas. This was the general consensus of all outside analysis. But then what was the purpose of the attack?

There were several questions on this that were also analyzed. If it were a government staged exercise to test the concept for whatever reason, why would they risk the lives of the people by shooting live ammo in a public location when they could have tested the outcome of such an act in a more coordinated and safety conscious environment under controlled conditions at a military or private contractor base?

Whoever did this didn’t care if a large portion of a major population area would be immediately shut down without power and cause millions in damage and disruption. It would seem as if they wanted to just see how easy it would be to do and get away with, and what the actual damage could be?

If it weren’t for a last minute rescue job by civil power company engineers to re-route power transmissions, indeed, whoever did it would be pleased with the results. But the unknown attackers still smiled to themselves.

Then, what about if it was a ”false flag” attempt that was fortunately thwarted by on the ball employees? Or was it what the majority of analysts believed? That it was the well planned work of trained terrorist cells to test the potential of their ability to damage the grid, before going ahead with the large scale timed and coordinated attack?

Dark 1

In any event the last and main analysis was the actual viability and real time damage results of such an exercise. When the final analysis was in, it shocked everyone involved in the investigation.

The Unspeakable Truth

When the reality check also came in on the effects of a lone wolf but well-coordinated commando attack on our grid infrastructure as far as just what it would take to cause major unprecedented collapse, the answer was lung collapsing.

It wouldn’t be merely an isolated incident that could relatively quickly be responded to and handled. This one would be much different. First of all, most grid systems cannot be re-routed like the one in Silicon Valley. If you hit the right ones, there would be no way you could repair it before a major black out and the subsequent disaster would occur. But it gets worse.

Doing this on a large scale throughout the country would potentially amount to nothing less than all out nuclear war type damage. And it would be so easy, that yes, a caveman could do it in his sleep, but even a bunch of hate crazed delusional extremist murderers, with rudimentary guerilla skills could pull it off in one quiet, nap taking lazy afternoon.

Tactically speaking, it would be an unstoppable exercise. And the cold hard reality is that there’s another factor that is horrifically mind numbing.

A Dozen Doomsday Power Stations It’s All It Takes

It only takes the destruction of a dozen or so critical power stations to literally shut down the entire country s power. This is hard to comprehend but it’s a fact.

It has to do with an obsolete, complicated, and fragile electrical grid distribution system that is even worse than our crumbling bridges and transportation systems, and the fact that every electrical power integration is linked backward to fewer power supplies.

If you take out certain critical substations then everything in the down chain also fails. It’s a domino phenomenon that eventually kills us all where less than a dozen substations can begin the process.

It wouldn’t even help to have armed guards or police posted at each critical power unit, even if they wanted to–which they don’t. As any Special Forces A team knows, the attack force has the advantage of surprise, and maneuverability, and can distract and create diversionary tactics while they calmly quickly take out the power stations.


There used to be a special Delta Force team that specialized in these type of sabotage raids to prove the defensiveness of secure government facilities, and a soldier–by the name of Marcinko–headed the training.

The terrifying conclusion was there was virtually nothing he couldn’t get into and take down unless it was surrounded by an entire infantry battalion supported some well-armed ”Guardian Angels” from God, for back up!

The government used to get so irritated at their own ineptitude that instead of being grateful to this team leader for his skill in pointing out their critical flaws, they vilified him.

And this feckless government already allowing millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico to come across the border almost at will, where intelligence estimates one out of every five is a Muslim jihadist and potential future lone wolf operative.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director, Steven McCraw, when asked recently at a news border conference if any illegals coming across the border were from a country with a well-established terrorism presence, he answered unequivocally “Yes”.

And now, the current regime is welcoming 200,000 immigrants from the premier middle East terrorist breeding grounds to join the border infiltration soiree here with absolutely no restriction, vetting, or identification.

Even the intellectually terminal government can’t outright deny that ISIS will intentionally place a few thousand of their specially trained anti-American terrorist jihadists within the refugee ranks. Why not, it’s an opportunity too good to pass up for ISIS? We welcome them in to kill us!

So I predict that the Islamo-terrorist grid plot has already hatched and the ”test run” in California was the second phase, and now they are only finishing up the last details of target determination to learn exactly which dozen or so power stations will target.

And it might be sooner than we think, with the new ”hands on” help from the latest White House protection of our country debacle, with the additional implanted foreign trained sleeper cells posing as Syrian refugees.

It’s so bad that it almost seems that there has to be some kind OCD of gun control agenda use for this flagrant breach of national security, by a government gone insane for them to even attempt such a denigration of their most primary government responsibility, the protect our borders! Because first and foremost disarming the Free American people is always their main priority.

Since these jihadists like to attach propaganda symbolism with significant times and dates in their planned attacks, I’m seeing this grid attack coming as we get closer to the election.

Especially if it looks like Trump might win the nomination, because Trump promised he’d promptly send every one of them back to where they came from. Maybe around next year’s 9/11 anniversary or maybe sooner…

So there it is. If you thought it was bad enough to upset your little paper panties with worrying about solar flares and HEMPS, this is an amazingly guaranteed easier way to kill all our electrical grid power with many of us right along with it.

But not only are the authorities incapable of doing anything about a planned coordinated guerilla attack on critical power infrastructure, they intentionally do nothing about it in terms of even making it a little more difficult to achieve!

That’s because they’re too busy wasting time and DHS effort from our tax money on spying and data collection on free law abiding citizens, so that they can eventually confiscate our firearms and then implement totalitarian control over what little we have left of our money and assets.

This coming grid attack, my fellow Patriots, is the bad boy your mommas warned you about. And it would be a very bad prepping mistake not to make long term blackouts a major priority.


This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.

About Mahatma Muhjesbude

Mahatma Muhjesbude is a former Spec-ops combat Vet, LEO, international security consultant, and private contractor. He has instructor level credentials and skills in various survival disciplines. He is a dedicated advocate of Liberty and Justice for all and a proactive defender of our Constitutional rights. He strongly believes that the best value you can give back in life is vital knowledge through experience, and that’s why he’s writing for Survivopedia, using a pen name to protect his real identity. You can send Mahatma a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com

This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.

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  1. I live on the border and would like to see less crime from illegal immigrants, but I have to respectfully disagree on the misinformation being spread about the amount of Muslim or persons of middle eastern origin. I have heard of a few getting by, yet never have seen or spoke to one. I do see alot of persons of Hispanic decent from mexico and central and south America. I am also of Hispanic and mixed decent, some of my family helped build this country such as Alexander Werbiski (a polish immigrant) the first mayor of the southernmost town in the tip of Texas of Brownsville. I see the importance of immigrants and at the same time see the strain on the economy and pay when there is hundreds if not thousands of people in my town willing to work for much less than minimum wage. There are problems our society needs to address, yet we are constantly bickering between ethnic groups, special interest groups, race, religions, political parties, you name it. This is how we are being controlled and manipulated, by our human race being divided and conquered by an elite few.

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