Solar-Powered Pod Lets You Live Off-Grid Anywhere!

If you were one of the many infatuated by the solar-powered pod that allows you to live off-grid anywhere in the world, you’ll be stoked to know that they’re finally on the market.

According to Ecocapsule, a limited edition of 50 self-powering pods is available for pre-order.

If this is your first time being introduced to the amazing eco-dwellings, following is a recap of what you can invest in.


The 120 square-foot mini-homes are fiberglass encased with solar panels; each has a wind turbine mounted to the roof for powering a battery that can supply four days of electricity.

Inside each pod, there is a kitchen featuring a two-burner stove and sink, a bathroom complete with a shower and waterless toilet, and a living room with a sofa that converts to a double bed.

EcoCapsule2According to the makers, two people can live comfortably inside.

Ecocapsule4Each Ecocapsule costs about $86,000 and is shipped in a standard, 40′ cargo container.

Ecocapsule7The company is presently selling their pods to people in the European Union, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as the houses meet building codes in these countries.


As cool as these dwellings are, you’ll still have to figure out your own water source and the local permits for parking it on a piece of land. After that, however, you can enjoy life in a serene, eco-friendly abode. 

EcoCapsule_1The pods will be ready in early 2017. Visit the company’s website to learn more.

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by Amanda Froelich

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