Survival Gear Review: KodaBow Bravo Zulu

Kodabow says that their name comes from the Native American word Koda or “friend” but I have to tell you that if you see this thing in my hands, I am anything but your friend.  When the SHTF, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of this hammer. 

By Jimmy C, a contributing author to

The Bravo Zulu Hammer

From my experience dealing with the team at Kodabow, I can tell that the pride with which the company builds its platform and their service model does carry the spirit of friendship.  From the build process to receipt and follow up after use, this is one company that believes in their message.  Please watch my video review below of the legendary Kodabow Bravo Zulu.

I think it goes without saying that crossbows are not as fast or as functional as compound bows, but for a non-country boy like Jimmy C (that’s me) that never learned how to shoot a bow, this thing is easy to learn and use.  Although a little tough to draw at first, that is just the name of the game when asking something to come out as hot as these bolts do, and as I have become more familiar with the unit, it has become a lot quicker on the reload.

Specs: (From Manufacturer)

  • Adjustable military style stock (made in the USA)
  • 4 choices of draw weight 155 lbs, 185 lbs, 200 lbs, and 225 lbs draw weight
  • 8.3 lbs total weight
  • Matte black hard coat finish on all main component areas
  • High grade arrows with Field Points (made in the USA)
  • Kodabow Rope Cocking Aid (made in the USA by Kodabow)
  • Kodabow String Changing Aid (made in the USA by Kodabow)
  • Packaging varies by configuration
  • Full size scopes have reticles with 5 aiming points nominally 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 yards.
  • 3-Dot compact scopes have aiming points nominally at 20, 30, 40 yards.

Kodabow Pro’s

  • Built to last – from the steel arms to the aluminum and steel rail, the materials used by Kodabow prove they stand by their products.
  • Comfort and convenience can match raw power – Sure, there are crossbow out there that are more powerful and faster, but they are usually rigid framed, solid buttstock, and “plasticky” over priced POS.  Kodabow went the extra mile to include the known comfort and convenience of telescopic buttstock and custom fore-grip to help make this tool much more comfortable while in use.
  • Power – if you get hit by the Kodabow…you are going down.  After shooting this crossbow, we could barely pull the arrows out of the target and I got one stuck in a tree which we failed to recover despite our best efforts.

Kodabow Con’s

  • Hard to draw (got easier with practice)
  • Slow to reload (again with practice I will get faster)

All in all, you get what you pay for and after testing other crossbows, it is my opinion – “Don’t be cheap and get the best” Kodabow.  I am tough on my gear and God knows when TSHTF, you want gear that can handle the stress you will put on it.  The Kodabow Bravo Zulu delivers.

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