Tiny Home Movement – Are Tiny Homes Great Mobile Bug Out Locations for Preppers?

I saw a great story yesterday about a family who rebuilt their life after losing both their home and business to the recession, by building a tiny home.

Tiny Home Near a RiverTiny Home Near a RiverTiny Homes have been growing in popularity over the last couple years, as more people decide to downsize their lifestyle in order to stay ahead during these troubling financial times. By downsizing, in this case to a 168-sq. ft. home, many families are finding financial stability and security thanks to the Tiny Home Movement.

By avoiding high rental costs, excessive mortgage payments and soaring energy bills, Tiny Home owners are saving huge amounts of money and redefining what it means to live frugally.

The advantages of building a Tiny House don’t stop at just saving money. In fact, a growing number of these home owners are building their homes on wheels. This gives them to option to literally pull up and move at a moment’s notice. And the small-scale of these homes allows you to easily power almost everything you would need with off grid energy technology.

In my opinion, Tiny Homes are a great bug out option for both Off Griders and Preppers.

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