Top Ten Survival Skills – Build An Emergency Shelter

Top Ten Survival Skills

Number 1 – SHELTER

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In just about any survival situation or any emergency scenario, assuming you are not injured in any way, and where you are forced to fend for yourself, then your number one procedure is to ensure you can make a good shelter suitable to keep you out of the elements and as safe as you possibly can be.


Good luck and Bad luck in the UK.

Fortunately in the UK we have relatively few beastie that can do you harm – no lions or tigers, no bears or snakes – so we are quite safe out in the wild. Unless you have a fear of hordes of marauding bunnies attacking you, then you’re pretty safe here in the good old British Isles.

The bad luck, on the other hand is the fact that we do not have the huge expanses of pure wilderness and terrain that’s suitable for ‘just disappearing’ like our lucky cousins over in the USA and many other countries.

The average UK citizen is very much a town dweller and has probably only ventured out into the wilds of the UK’s countryside once in their lifetime anyway. So we might as well forget about them – their buggered when the SHTF.

But for the UK prepper, who should have a bug out plan already in place, survival skills are an essential part of your prepping for such future events which, it would seem, are getting closer by the day..!

Building a shelter

Building a good shelter that is suitable to give you protection from the elements is not difficult – getting it water tight and warm, however, can be a problem.

So go out and practice. Then practice again until this number one skill set becomes easy for you to do.

shelter 10shelter 8shelter 6shelter 7

shelter 11

shelter 9

survival shelter

shelter 4




shelter 5



Here are some examples of the types of survival shelter.

These can all be easily constructed with a little bit of survival knowledge using basic materials and working with the terrain.

There is also a full range of “man made” emergency survival shelters available, all designed to give a more instant emergency shelter if needed.


Emergency Shelter Tent HeatStore Emergency Tent Storm / Group Emergency Shelter 4-5 Person










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