Top Ten Survival Skills – Find Food

Top Ten Survival Skills

Number 2 – FIND FOOD

funny frog work for foodIf you’re in a situation where food is either in short supply or non existent due to the masses stripping the stores bare, and there’s precious little chance of any food being distributed, then you’re going to have to fend for yourself.

This means ensuring you have the survival skills to live off the land, using your own wits to ensure you don’t starve.

You will need all the survival skills to CATCH, KILL, BUTCHER, COOK & PRESERVE any food you can get – and you need to learn those skills now.

Finding enough food will become your number one daily concern – hunting, trapping and fishing are your best options in the short term, preserving will come next, with growing your own food naturally following later.

Ask yourself this question – could I kill an animal – a nice fluffy bunny, hopping around all playful and full of life..?

If the answer is no, then mate, your shafted…! simple as that and, as nice as berries and leaf tea really are, you’re not going to last more than a few weeks in a real survival situation.rabbit in rifle sight

Without doubt, once you have a shelter to call ‘home’, you have to be on a quest to find food by whatever means you can.

That’s going to mean using trapping and snares along with hunting using a rifle, catapult or any other means you can.

Learn fishing skills.

This is probably the most easiest of methods to obtain food (and for some, the most ‘humane’..?) Fish aren’t all cuddly like a rabbit, so it’s easier for some people to just bash them on the head and thats it – done..

In fact, you don’t even have to put any real effort into fishing anyway.

You can get automatic reels like this one that will sense the fish, strike the fish and even reel it into shore for you while you’re off doing something else.

A bit of a preppers dream really – just keep it simple whenever you can.

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Once you have caught your food, you must butcher and prepare it as quick as you can, especially when its hot.

Butchering skills are something that can only really be learned by actually doing that skill – some bits are easy, others not and some bits are essential to know as you can do yourself some serious damage if don’t prepare the food correctly.

How to cook your food without a cooking stove.? bushcraft equipment showing meat cooking on a leaf

Knowing the correct ways to cook food in the wild is a survival skill that takes practice.

You can easily undercook food, leaving you vulnerable to parasites and to certain sickness and diarrhea for sure – over cook and you might as well eat a bit of charcoal wood – again a simple thing in theory, but this skill takes practice.



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