Why The War On Terror Is A War On American Liberty


It’s bad enough that individual states are succumbing the regime’s ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, because they are actually already in a form of secession from the United States by their systematic state legislative departure from a National Constitutional Rule of liberty and justice for all.

But the Leftist Federal government is now hell bent to help individual states suppress any possible resistance and overthrow of their agenda.

California recently confirmed the enforcement of strict laws prohibiting opting out of vaccines for the radically spurious rationale of “general public safety”, to cover up the true conspiracy of Big Pharma’s greed to create obscene profits to dump back into the coffers of corrupt politicians. The same Big Pharma that also offers to an ambitious totalitarian regime the potential medium for future chemical induced mass ‘mind control’ of the population, if needed.

Therefore it is now against the state law to refuse inoculations with potentially deadly allergic toxins as your right to choose what goes in your body, or your religious right to reject it. That’s correct: you no longer have a 1st/A protection in the state of socialist sunshine and no fresh water.

They are already talking about making some examples out of  ‘dissidents’ by arresting people who refuse inoculations mandated at government workplaces. And your children will be forced to get needles jabbed in their arms on school vaccination days. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

What If You Resist and Protest?

Well, that’s the next scary puzzle piece that just became initiated. It’s yet another specious ‘fix’ to the badly broken DOHS/NSA fraud-scam on America that Congress voted 257 ‘For’, and 167 ‘Against’, last March to pass a bill (HR 240) giving this nitwit totalitarian alphabet agency 40 billion of your tax dollars to blow on 231,000 highly paid and benefited government spies dedicated to nothing more–certainly not preventing terrorism–than denying you your Bill of Rights.

Responsible citizens are simply fed up with the Feds thinking they can STILL cruise around all your private business and personal matters anytime they ‘feel’ like it even though the SCOTUS ruled the NSA’s spying is constitutionally illegal.

So the FBI is constantly gripping for more of your tax dollars to supposedly help control the spread of the ISIS in America, even though the government actually have not really cost effectively prevented a single Islamist from killing anyone yet in 10 years. A few self-set up police entrapment undercover style false flags here and there. Notwithstanding. Because any local police department already does this more than effectively enough.

In other words, the Feds are saying that the reason they aren’t catching any terrorists BEFORE they do something bad is not because of the outrageous money they have to spend on the most advanced privacy intrusion tools on the planet, it’s because they are ‘restricted’ by the Constitution in their personal spying efforts!

The strange irony here is maybe they actually believe that insanity. Some of these government spies really believe that it’s super fine and dandy to be an anti-Constitutional criminal as long as it fights terrorist criminals.

Amazingly a couple weeks ago, I saw a celebrity New York detective, Bo Dietl, make a comment on Fox regarding the ineffectiveness of the government’s war on terrorism, stating that if we want to clean it up “the people are going to have to give up some freedom for more security!” It shows you how your mentality changes when you become one of them, when you once might have been one of us.

Video first seen on Fox Business

But the innovation potential of the freedom loving American citizens eventually comes around to stomping Govt’s Nike gym shoe heel down on the snake head. People serious about protecting their personal and business privacy from prying eyes are now doing something about it, until we can all unite and vote out corrupt politicians again and change the laws back to protect the people’s rights.

They are using computer encryption programs to prevent mass random warrant-less internet spying and probing into your private financial affairs. Not because these citizens are doing anything wrong, but because the government hacks doing the spying are definitely not virgins when it comes to criminal conspiracies themselves.

Police State agencies are no joint venture team when it comes to entrapment, false flags, and stings which far too often target persons actually doing nothing–if not only minor things–wrong. And that’s giving the government the huge benefit of the doubt on the amazingly high rate (for such expensive training) of mistakes and “accidents” during routine investigations.

The Police State environment fosters a purview of intolerable unfettered intrusion powers aided and abetted by the poisonous perk of almost total consequential unaccountability.

Is It Too Late to Stop Them?

It’s doubtful. The  ’G’-boys (and girls) are now intensifying an effort to make yet another anti-4/A legislation to force private computer encryptions, to be opened anytime any alphabet soup agencies might want to know what you’re doing. This is more likely only for their prurient agenda based “fishing” interests because they certainly aren’t even catching terrorists the old fashioned way either?

Ironically, Jade Helm exercises were culminating lately in Texas and Utah which were the prime target areas among other undisclosed venues. Of course it was only coincidental that Texas and Utah happen to be main ’Militia’ states loaded with off-grid type anti-big G people who also happened to be armed to the teeth…

The G claimed it was just because these states happened to have rugged mountain terrain suitable for simulated battle conditions in other future war countries. Do you mean to tell me that all those other ’mountainous’ terrains across the country that the government already (paid for by taxes) owns aren’t good enough? What about the undercover plain clothes exercises in more urban communities under the Jade Helm operation?

How stupid do they think we are to believe that under cover spec ops raids are to ‘flush out potential terrorist sleeper cells’? Certainly not the IL lone wolfs. They just ‘go dark’ and live off welfare until they’re ready, just like most other career criminals or mentally deranged predators do.

This is nothing else but government ‘practice’ to quickly and effectively disarm the most potentially dangerous gun owners during a national state of Martial Law. Dangerous, that is, to intentional government tyranny, which the 2nd/A was primarily set up to combat.

Alive after fall

Don’t they know yet that We, the People, know that the only reason they are spying on citizens is to set up a future shock troop nationwide overnight gun confiscation plan, after which they will then cheerfully float around and land all over your finances, wealth holdings, and cash and gold.? Which they’ll wind up seizing so that they can more easily facilitate all the eventual asset seizures (courtesy of laws already in place and future ones they’ll make) that all despotic governments eventually are ‘forced’ to resort to, as their economic fecklessness starts to feast upon itself while the economy collapses.

So, yeah, sure, the big bad American dog is going to quit moaning and jump up off the government nail he was laying on because it’s just starting to hurt way too much! And he’s going to show those teeth unless they ‘tranquilize’ him and put a muzzle on him.

More Tyranny Ahead

Recently, the Congress passed another new law that would allow the Secretary of State to ‘unilaterally’ (don’t you love that term?) cancel an American passport and launch a criminal investigation if he/she determines that any citizen “has aided or abetted” a terrorist organization.

What exactly does that mean? Does it mean you have proof beyond reasonable doubt that a person is “aiding and abetting” an enemy terrorist organization? Or do you now only need a suspicion from a subjective determination outside the rule of law and due process?  Far outside the established boundaries of probable cause and evidentiary due process.

Furthermore, in the truest spirit of slippery slope evil, and to literally LEAP on the kill the Constitution bandwagon, the Senate is also currently debating that passports be also cancelled for persons who owe ‘too much in back taxes’!

The newest unconstitutional American Freedom Act already allows government freezing of your bank and property assets if they suspect that you are “aiding and abetting” terrorists, so why do they need another one to totally restrict and confine your travels?

Even police are not allowed to restrict your travels unless you are under arrest. Which amounts to nothing less than de-facto incarceration. The police can’t even detain you at any length without probable cause. So I guess universal license plate scanning and GPS vehicle and smart phone tracking of everywhere you go just ain’t cutting it sharply enough? They want to see blood!

The Govt simply will stop at no limit to be able to keep you from moving around unless they can know everything you do and even control it. Is it because they don’t want you to be able to hide your guns and money too far from where they know where you live from the Real I.D Act they passed a while back a little higher up on the slippery slope.

The horrifying caveat here is the question of what exactly is the criteria ‘unilaterally’ determined without Constitutional due process or oversight? Subjective presumption is constitutionally illegal. Random NSA spying on anyone you associate through social media or almost any other internet integration could and would conceivably link almost anyone, somewhere down the infinite rabbit hole paradox of the World Wide Web, inevitably to some form of a so called terrorist by government definition.

The problem is that the definition is never clearly delineated. And what’s considered “aiding and abetting”? Agreement with some of their philosophy?  I’m wondering if when I carefully peruse this bill if it will also have a sneaked in sanction on gun ownership for anyone “unilaterally” determined to be “aiding and abetting” a terrorist. Why not, being potentially suicidal, having a drug habit, or fighting with your spouse, or telling your neighbor too firmly her dog can’t shit on your steps anymore, now immediately precludes you from exercising your uninfringeable’ 2nd/A rights?

What’s next, detention of citizens for transitioning from obese to “grossly obese”?   With the administratively mandated internment penalty for “morbidly obese” persons?  Oh, wait! How about talking bad about your government amounts to aiding and abetting a terrorist? “Yup, Senator, great input, I’ll get my staffer to write it up…”

Police State in Action

The Govt wasted no tax payer time stepping on the gas through this newest green light bill on continuous oppression of freedoms. They just announced a successful anti-terrorist raid on a 40 year old Boston area resident Arafat Nagi, a Muslim who allegedly is “aiding and abetting” terrorists. This arrest also provided a much needed morale boost for a grossly ineffective police state agency and they lost no time playing it out for max market value in the MSM.

However as I momentarily check the AP stories and other web feeds for details, because the TV news stations just had a ‘G’ marketing spot telling the story obviously for their own pump up, I can’t find any details that would legally support such an arrest under standard criminal statutes. But this new terrorist support law allowed the authorities to charge this guy and seize all his belongings under the new law with “attempting to aid a terrorist organization”.

It doesn’t take a seasoned cop to understand what a carte blanch authority this is to take away people for almost any reason this will turn out to be. At this time, all I can find is that because this Nagi bought some camping equipment and other things that are perfectly legal for anyone to buy, and just encouraged people to join him in his jumpin’ Jihad, he was arrested.

While nobody wants to see any psycho Islamist terrorists have it convenient to hurt anyone, the insidious problem is in the rationale that alters current criminal prosecution standards. We already have laws for any and all forms of harm or evil against people and property. They’re known as criminal statutes. If this Muslim, or extreme Christian anti-abortion fanatic was leading a band of like-minded radicals and tried to attack a mall, or bomb an abortion clinic then they still get charged with an aggravated felony assault or murder, etc., just like any other nut criminal doing a similar physical crime.

The problem is this new trend in cause for the arrest, and its expansive potential for extreme police state abuse. This type of law gives entirely new and frightening meaning to the term “conspiracy to commit”.  The entire activity concept of “supporting or abetting” is part of our entire existentialism, and is usually not a crime by itself. It’s socially dangerous to make helping people more of a crime than the committed criminal act itself. By this logic, a Muslim talking to a few of his cronies on Friday night after prayers at the local mosque, could be “aiding and abetting” Islamist terrorists.

In fact, by this flawed logic, ALL Muslims would seem to then be obligated to prove they were not “supporting” Islamist terrorists, because all Islamists are Muslims. Especially when you make the ambiguous definition of “support or aid” a separate crime in itself, only to be conveniently brought out when needed.

It’s not even a short stretch to see a time when speaking out against the government can be determined to be “aiding and abetting” a potential domestic terrorist group whose only furtherance of the crime was to be a…gun owner.

What’s Next?

Good patriotic citizens are whispering among themselves in whatever private surroundings they still have. They are getting angry. People are saying, “let me get this straight: we have a ‘declared War on Terrorism’ but our government is remiss and exceptionally suspicious in not identifying the enemy terrorist combatants as Islamists. We called Germans Nazis during the war; why can’t Muslim Extremists be called what they are?”

Then, in the most egregious failure of command strategy and concern for our soldiers, they have to fatal audacity to not allow enemy targeted on duty soldiers supposedly still doing their active duty defending our country in uniform to be armed while under ISIL attack!

The Govt was even reluctant to confirm that the killer was a radicalized Muslim. And instead, they disgustingly suggested that soldiers go plain clothes to help mitigate the danger. Then, they denigrated and treated armed free citizens who donated their time and risk to protect the soldiers and sent out a memo to refuse their security because the American citizens themselves could be terrorists!

People are very confused! First, the government sends at unwarranted risk our best and brightest young women and men into dubious foreign combat in worthless POS countries of no real danger or critical value to the U.S. to be gruesomely maimed and mutilated, or lost forever to their loved ones.

Then the V.A. can’t even treat these veterans in a timely and decent manner as they were promised and guaranteed by law! In fact, the V.A. directly caused many to decease prematurely, often in deplorable and inexcusable circumstances, and NOW, this suck job government won’t even allow our war heroes to defend themselves properly while they are trying to recruit more cannon fodder for an out of control government?!

I can’t, but can understand this at the same time. This is happening because once again, as usual, they’re lying to us. This is NOT a war on Islamist terrorism, unless they can also call it ‘domestic terrorism’.  Anybody not getting it yet?  It’s way past obvious.  It is a War alright, but it’s a war directly against the Freedom of the American people.

They don’t want the active duty military to have access to any firearms unless they are training with them or in actual combat. This is  because they don’t want the potential  contingency of large blocks of standing armed military also in rebellion against the government by joining ’We, the People’.  The Govt is corrupt, but being stupid is not one of their faults. The best totalitarian agenda scenario is keeping ALL military weapons locked up in well secured armories that crack Jade Helm type agents–who definitely will be armed–can easily defend. And any and all dissidents will automatically fall then into the new category of ”iding and abetting” terrorists. Only this time it will be American Patriot Domestic Terrorists!

 It’s Not Fear Mongering, It’s what’s Happening Now!

So what if people start to protest vehemently against the government for these mounting abuses and liberty violations? Remember the good Marxist General Wesley Clark, who ran for president on the Democratic ticket in 2004? He just commented on the gravity of the oh so serious problem–which really doesn’t exist–of horrid all pervasive ISIS terrorism in this country.

Remember he was the NATO Commander during the U.S. bombing of Serbia, who suggested that “disloyal Americans” “aiding and abetting” should be sent to internment camps for the duration of the conflict? Good thing, he missed the POTUS play, can you imagine being “unilaterally determined” to be a “disloyal American” arrested for supporting anti American sentiment, the next dangerous slip downward on Mt. Sippery Tyranny?

In a sound bit discussing the recent Chattanooga shootings, Clark said he recalled the internment (euphemism for imprisoned)  of American Citizens on U.S. soil who were committing no crime other than happening to be of related racial ethnicity to our WWII enemies overseas and being merely “suspected” or “determined” to have only sympathies to our Nazi and Japanese enemies at the time.

Clark said “back then we didn’t say ‘that was freedom of speech’,  we just put him in a camp.” The government unilaterally put entire families in camps during that time.  After all, it was a time of war.

It seems that these days, more and more authorities–both leftists and conservatists–are advocating these kinds of absolute government Fascist behaviors. Fema Camps around the country are gearing up. The government claims they are for temporarily housing hurricane and other national disaster refugees. But if you happen to drive by one on your summer vacation, you’ll swear they were at least a medium, if not maximum, security prison camp?

As a person conditioned by a life of tradecraft and training to rarely submit to flawed emotional content in manifestations of fear or nervousness, thinking about this latest move by the government is starting to pop small beads of sweat off my forehead, even though the ambient temperature is quite cool around me at the moment.

Political  historians out there are familiar with the urban legends of  the notion of  ”October Surprises” which are extreme political moves which supposedly occur just before the November elections, and may have tipping point influence in the outcome. The reality nobody wants to admit is that these ”October Surprises” do happen. They are historically referenced and proven.

But this year it seems like there’s an extra ingredient being added to a big potential “October Surprise” happening that gets tossed into the deadly soup almost every month with this regime. Which starts to smack of leading up to the dreaded evil progeny of such manifest political driving forces…and an alarming ‘Red Flag’ is waving in the distance, and represents a sinister portentous direction of bad unconstitutional winds blowing over the land… the False Flag event. Likely a big one.

With the  POTUS campaigns starting to resemble the plot from the movie ‘Gangs of New York’,  and monster money support being tossed around the Republican landscape like online grocery store coupons, and growing suspicion and distrust of Hillary appearing to denigrate the entire Democratic party status in the American collective consciousness to likely swing it toward the right even if she gets the  nom-nod,   the hard core leftist power elite will not go ‘quietly into forced retirement’.

Anything, and everything, is possible. And the only assurance for ’We, the People’, is that we will be further oppressed. Prepare yourselves! 


This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.







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