Wuhan’s new “Made in China” coronavirus pandemic hospitals are already falling apart

Earlier in the month, communist China feverishly erected multiple new hospitals in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) outbreak, which the regime proudly announced all took place from ground to finish in about a week. But these Made in China structures are already falling apart, as you might expect from a country with perhaps the most dismal track record of quality control in the entire world.

Video footage captured inside one of these hospitals, and shared to Twitter by a Chinese-Australian artist with a verified blue check mark, shows panels falling on the floor and water leaking everywhere as panicked workers in hardhats attempt to assess the situation.

Additional footage also shared to Twitter, in this case by a Dr. Harry Chen Ph.D., shows water pooling up all over the floor, possibly from the ventilation system up above. Dr. Chen notes that this particular facility was constructed out of bean curd, and that this built-in-five-days structure represents typical “Chinese characteristics” – meaning that it’s basically garbage quality.

In yet a third video, also shared by Dr. Chen, water is seen leaking from the ventilation system into a bucket placed right next to a hospital bed. Dr. Chen jokingly describes the monstrosity as the “little hospital that couldn’t,” and “a petri dish of positive vibes.”

“its (sic) just a fancy humidifier and it’s just the flu … go back to sleep,” he further adds sarcastically.

These displays of poor-quality “craftsmanship” coming out of the communist Chinese regime aren’t all that shocking when considering how most Made in China goods tend to bear this “stamp of authenticity.” But many people probably couldn’t have fathomed that even emergency facilities where people’s lives are on the line would be built to similar “standards,” putting both patients and staff at risk.

Listen below as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, addresses how these so-called hospitals are actually death camps in disguise, which isn’t really a stretch when just looking at them in these videos:

Communist Chinese censorship is making it difficult for the truth about coronavirus to be known

After receiving criticism on Twitter for his “dark sarcasm” in response to these “upsetting circumstances,” Dr. Chen was defended by another user who revealed that he and others in China who want the truth to get out there without being censored have to talk this way in order to avoid punishment.

“It’s to avoid censorship,” this person wrote, adding that Dr. Chen “keeps getting banned for provocative posts. So (he) uses satire to avoid detection … he is risking his life tweeting these videos to the world.”

We already know that the communist Chinese regime has been threatening social media users like Dr. Chen with jail time for sharing information like this that make the government look really bad amid one of the worst health crises in recent history. China doesn’t even want people to know the true number of infections and deaths, let alone that these emergency facilities constructed on the fly are certifiable death traps.

It’s amazing that they haven’t completely collapsed, God forbid, due to faulty engineering. But even the persistent flow of water from unknown leaky sources poses its own unique threats, as the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) can transmit both through ventilation systems and plumbing.

“Since the virus can be present in wastewater, it doesn’t bode well for the doctors and patients here,” wrote another Twitter user about the threat of all this leaky water at Wuhan’s new hospitals.

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source : Ethan Huff

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