All Hell Is Breaking Loose on This Friday: America Is Being Occupied

All across the country, there are very disturbing reports of foreign troops with apparent bad intentions. We have written and talked a lot about the “October Surprise”. With each sighting we are getting closer to this predicted reality.

The following paragraphs will detail communications that have appeared in the past few days regarding the occupation of America by foreign troops operating with the permission of this administration.

FEMA Camp Being Built In La Junta, CO.

Christina Sarro has been sending me pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and when one backs away and looks at the facts in its totality, it is clear we are looking at the piecemeal construction of a FEMA Camp.

Hi Dave,

Here are just some of the pictures I was able to get yesterday.  Kind of quiet right now ….however, there’s been some activity in this old closed down Walmart store ….I didn’t feel comfortable getting any closer to the windows of this old store or going around back at this point. I’m going to try again another time.  Also, there’s been some activity around this Armory.  I don’t see any people around at this time.  But, I’ll be watching over the next few days.


Closed Walmart in La Junta Colorado.. There are opening a new Walmart block away in a town that has a failing economy. Look what they are storing behind this closed Walmart.



Military vehicles parked at a closed Walmart in a small Colorado town.

…There are a lot of empty buildings in this town. I’ve never seen a place that has so many empty buildings before, at least not where I come from. (then why are they opening a new Walmart Supercenter? 

God Bless,


The structure photographed below, is a “new brewery”.  However, it is blocked off and the windows are blacked out. They are not advertising for jobs and the traffic that comes and goes is very suspicious. Whoever heard of a brewery that was not open to the public?


Here are the pictures that I got yesterday on the “Old Pickle Factory” in La Junta …right off the US 50.  As you can see in the Arial map of this factory, it sets right in between the US 50 and the Rail Road Tracks that runs through the town of La Junta.  My husband says that to his knowledge they have not hired anyone for this “Brand New Brewery”  … husband told me that they are suppose to go online to fill out an Application, that they were not accepting applications on the property.  So far, I have not found a site online for these applications.  I don’t about this …I’m still looking.

Here’s the pictures.



This brewery is immediately adjacent to railroad tracks. It is located within walking distance of the Walmart, both new and closed. This is a receiving station for prisoners.

This is a FEMA camp. The brewery, currently closed to the public, is the receiving station and it just happens to be next to RR tracks. The closed Walmart is a staging area for military equipment.  The old facility is likely a FEMA camp as we have seen this pattern before.


This first news release comes from Steve Quayle’s “Q Alerts”.

I felt strongly in my spirit to email you what I just saw. I was driving east on I-10 in southern New Mexico heading towards El Paso, TX when I came across a convoy of trucks with flat beds that were towing strange looking military trucks. That’s not really an unusual sight in these parts because of Fort Bliss which is located in El Paso. But, as I was passing the trucks I noticed the strange looking license plates on the military trucks that they were towing. I have seen German military trucks and other European military trucks in this area and they had European style license plates on them, but these trucks had similar but different style plates. This caught my attention and as I passed one of the trucks I noticed one of the vehicles they were towing had strange looking red lettering on the back. As I was passing the the truck I slowed down a bit, I wasn’t able to slow down that much because of traffic, but I was able to slowdown enough to notice a shocking sight! The red lettering on the back of one of the trucks was CHINESE! As I passed the other flat beds I noticed some of the trucks they were towing had a strange, what appeared to be, a yellow circular symbol on the side of two of the military trucks. There were other flat beds towing steel structures of some sort that appeared to be camouflage. I had a hard time noticing anymore details because it was getting dark.

Also, as I was passing the convoy, I couldn’t help but notice there were these small white cars with Louisiana license plates on them that appeared to be traveling with the convoy but I can’t be sure. As I passed the small white cars, I noticed the people driving them appeared to be heavily focused as if they were in a trance! The drivers were both white and oriental. One driver per vehicle.

As I was traveling down the interstate one of the 18 wheelers that was towing one of the military trucks came up behind me fairly close for a minute or two, kind of like he was trying to get my license plate number. Then some strange, possibly, coincidental, things began to happen. I stopped somewhere quick to pick something up. Shortly after arriving an older model Jeep Cherokee pulled up and one of the occupants in the front passenger seat got out. As he walked passed me he gave me a very strange look. The person driving the Jeep turned up the music in the Jeep and the music he picked did seem to fit. As if he randomly tried to pick something on the radio and turned it up to kind of fit in. I kept my eye on him and when he noticed I was watching him he made every attempt to not make eye contact with me again. As I was pulling away, the first guy that walked passed me, just walked into the establishment then turned around and walked back out. It just didn’t fit! I said to myself, I’m just being paranoid. So, as I was just a few blocks from home, a Mercedes pulled in front of me and began to slow down. He then pulled over and I noticed that he was talking on his phone and watched me as I passed but something about it just felt strange. Then when I got home, another Jeep immediately drove past and slowed down as he passed by. He wasn’t one of the neighbors because he just kept going! Could all of this be coincidental? Maybe.

But, then I remembered a week ago when I was in my office (the area is close to Fort Bliss and of military visits the area businesses regularly) as I was sitting in my office, I thought I saw, three Chinese soldiers walk past where I work! I’m not kidding! They were wearing blue camouflage similar to blue camouflage uniforms worn by Chinese troops that I have seen in pictures that were in articles in the past that I have read. At the time I blew it off saying, if there were Chinese troops here they wouldn’t be so bold as to wear their uniforms in public. After seeing the Chinese trucks, maybe, just maybe, those were Chinese troops I saw walk past my office after all!

I have also noticed American military in private rental trucks recently. GREG

Sep 9, 2016

Guard Towers on Hotels and more In Flagstaff

Hi Dave,

I’m awake and watching in my neck of the woods. Here are a few photos of recent developments:1) tank train – last weekend while driving west out of Flagstaff I passed two long cargo trains spaced about 15 minutes apart. The trains were also headed west. Each of them had over 100 cars loaded with military equipment. Lots of tanks and various support vehicles.

2) clock tower – on the grounds of my local public golf course, overlooking the parking lot and back nine. An employee of the golf course told me that it’s a new cell tower disguised as a clock tower. Interesting placement of the “vents” on all four sides. In the construction phase you can see the “windows” better. The golf course is located in Palmdale, CA. 

3) embassy suites – a relatively new hotel overlooking a huge field. The structures on top look like guard towers. Simply remove the wooden “shutters” and you’ve got a perfect 360 view. There are five tower structures on the building.

Keep up the good work!

The Talisman

 This is important because during Jade Helm, we saw an explosion of guard tower structures being built on shopping centers and strip malls, all owned by Simon Properties. As I have previously detailed, Simon Properties, the largest owner of malls and strip malls in North America, signed an agreement with DHS to use their facilities to “house civilian populations” during times of crisis.  every architect I spoke with said these towers are unsightly and serve no legitimate purpose.


Camp Grayling Hosting Foreign UN Troops Who Are Practicing Urban Assault On American Type Towns


Camp Grayling is a known FEMA camp where Army Reservists are training to be sent to Guantanamo.

I had an opportunity to take a Camp Grayling Open House Tour in June of 2015 and I have several video clips of something you folks are not talking about.  The videos are of the Multi Million Dollar Urban Assault “Village” located on the Camp Grayling Reservation way out in the boonies.  This is not the Middle East Assault Village also located on the reservation…it’s the USA Village; Church, Post Office, Bank and every building found in a Small Town USA.  To show that this village is real; Youtube Search  “OP Blacksheep @Camp Grayling”  You can see some of the actual buildings.
Anyway, I have an attached updated photos of the “Prison Camp” that was upgraded with new Buildings and Communications Tower; Military Tour Guide says “ATT Tower”  Yeah Right just happens to be right on the front gate of a Prison Training Facility.
Anyway, I want to snail mail a memory stick with everything I have, Videos, Stills, Satellite over time to show upgrading the prison site has undertaken.  Bottom-line the govt is dumping million$ into this Camp Grayling, to include many-many new barracks buildings.  THIS IS WHERE those TROOPS are TRAINING THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One other thing…all current conflicts are in the Middle East and Camp Grayling has a Middle East Mock-up Village on the other side of the reservation, then why are our troops practicing in an AMERICAN SMALL TOWN MOCKUP?  That is the question that your readers need to walk away with.

Reportedly, these are new. What are the powers that be expecting?

Camp Grayling was also a hot spot for this type of urban assault activity last year during Jade Helm 15 and it always involved foreign troops.


If the US is not going to have a n election because Clinton cannot win, this would be perfect timing for what we are seeing.
I have several other examples sitting on my email, with the same patterns.
It is quite clear that we are being occupied and we are not far away from the major confrontation that we have all talked about for so long.
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